Like Pokemon Go but with dinosaurs

There are so many awesome internet bytes this week (nomnomnom). From Pokemon Go with dinosaurs to a claim that sleeping pills cause racism, the worst music video ever, Khaleesi doing stock photography and more, you really can thank me later. ?

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?The dinosaur version of Pokemon Go is here

Jurassic World Alive has been described as Pokemon Go but with dinosaurs. And like Pokemon Go the dinosaurs are found via geolocation. To coincide with the release of the latest Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World Alive gives you the opportunity to save the dinosaur world from its second extinction. Collect DNA to create your own dino hybrids and fight with other dinosaurs.

Available on Android and iOS, it is free but with ads. A subscription will cost you US$9.99 (R125).

My SO and I tried it out and have this to say (might change, but here are our first impressions):

  • there is lots of walking involved. You need to get within a certain distance of the dinos and if you try and get them from a distance they ask you to pay. Very clever gamer developer people.
  • remember to look up every now and then. Even though we only tested it out for a short while, we got really involved and I’m not going to mention names, but someone bumped their head.

?Rosanne blames racism on sleeping pills

(Former) TV star Rosanne tweeted something racist and then when she apologised, blamed it on Ambien. The best was when Ambien CEO responded with this:

?See what your Twitter feed would have looked like 10 years ago

Every now and again it’s fun to take a walk down memory lane and think WTF. By clicking here (while signed in to Twitter) you’ll be able to see what accounts you follow now had tweeted 10 years ago. And boy have we come a long way baby. I’ve chosen some of my favourites.

Oh, The Simple Life wasn’t really simple at all. Didn’t Paris turn this into a reality show? Who am I kidding? Yes, she did. And yes I watched.

Who remembers when the Facebook platform first started?

And if you still remember FriendFeed then SHAME.

And finally, some things just don’t change.

?Khaleesi does office stock photography

There is some amazing stock photography out there (check out WTF stock photos) and Emilia Clarke decided to try her hand at office stock photos.

?The worst best music video ever

And it comes from John Mayer. And the backstory makes it even better. The song isn’t really my style, but who knows if I hear it on the radio often enough on my rides to work I may just add it to my car-a-oke repertoire.

?And finally a tweet I’m still laughing at two weeks later…

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