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The Best Channel For People Watching

I’ve always been fascinated with people watching. I know that sounds weird,  but what I mean is observing people from different walks of life and how they interact with the world and people around them… Like anthropology without the qualifications. Whenever I’m waiting for someone to meet me in a public place I often find myself watching other people. These days most people use this time to stare awkwardly at their phones, but sometimes you get the person reading a book or working on their laptop.

If you can relate to this in anyway, you’re a people watcher and I have the perfect YouTube channel for you to binge watch.


Cut have a few brands / YouTube channels underneath its umbrella including;
Hiho Kids
Fear Pong and
100 Years of Beauty

watch cut series

That last one should ring some sort of bells for you. They were/are a series of videos that went viral across social media where a model gets hair and makeup done in a time-lapse video over 10 decades of styles and fashions. These explore different countries and subcultures all over the world, for both men and women.

But why are you telling me about this, Chani?

100 Years of Beauty is cool. These videos were how I found the Cut channel in the first place. I then started engaging with some of their other content and found it equally as entertaining for different reasons. They involve people with various backgrounds and interests that we wouldn’t typically get to engage with on a daily basis.

“Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.” – Cut.com

Chris Chan from Cut

Cut videos are all about putting different people from different walks of life in a scenario and seeing how they react. Sometimes there is alcohol or marijuana involved. Chris Chan, Cut’s visual anthropologist explains that they do this because they try include people who have a specific relationship with one another (strangers, relatives, friends or exes) that society expects to interact in certain ways. By introducing alcohol or weed, the participants can push those boundaries typically set by society and engage on a different level.

Basically, it’s the best kind of people watching.

Some Shows Explained

If I’ve managed to pique your interest enough, I’ve summed up some of my favourite series for you below;

Line Up

Out of all the series, Line Up is my favourite. Folks are made to pick and label people out of a group of strangers, right to their faces. Past lineups have included “Guess My Gender”, “Match The Job To The Person” and “Which Tattoo Belongs To Which Person”. This puts the person guessing in an awkward situation of having to judge people based off of their appearances and first impressions – something we’re taught our entire lives not to do. These often lead to very interesting, informative conversations about any misconceptions or stereotypes that surround the topic that’s being addressed.

cut.com line up season 3

Truth or Drink

People sit down together and need to work through a series of cards with various questions on them. If you choose not to answer the question, you need to take a shot. This series has involved siblings, parents and children, exes, best friends, twins and many other dynamics between people. The more intoxicated the participants become, the easier it becomes for them to answer the more difficult questions.

cut.com truth or drink Andrew & Megan blind dates

Fear Pong

Truth or dare meets beer pong, minus the truth. If the ball lands in a cup, you can either choose to complete the dare under it and keep the cup. However, if you’re not willing to complete the dare, you lose the cup. These scenarios have been played between strangers, blind dates and exes. I would totally play this game as an ice breaker!

Ex High School Sweethearts Play Fear Pong (Eddie & Miriam) | Fear Pong | Cut

Keep It 100

Probably the most random of the lot, but still so binge-worthy. 100 people talking about an experience or trying something for the first time. Some of these include “100 People Tell Us A Secret”, “100 People React To A Balloon Pop” and “100 People Share Their Best Evil Laugh”. My personal favourite has to be “100 People Hold Their Breath For As Long As They Can”.

So that’s my weird people watching obsession… But still, why am I telling you this?

Even if you don’t enjoy watching people react to situations and scenarios, you can still appreciate the high production level that goes into each video. I might be the only weirdo who finds these videos entertaining, but with 4.8 Million subscribers on YouTube, I’m pretty sure you might be interested too!

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