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Glam Fitness Tracker Bands – where to find them in South Africa

Before I even begin with this one I need to make it very clear that this find is fully thanks to Cassidy over at The Glam Green Girl. She shared this website on her Insta stories a few days ago and had me all sorts of excited. One of the things I’ve loved about various fitness wearables is the option to swop out the bands. Something so simple can take you from the gym to the boardroom to cocktails with the girls easily. However, finding glam bands in South Africa has always been a bit tough. When it comes to the Apple Watch the iStore has a selection of bands to choose from but I’ve really struggled with Fitbits – my chosen Fitness Tracker.

Fitbit Alta HR Review
Juicy Couture bracelet, Pandora bracelet and Adawnment ring

There are a stack of retailers for Fitbit but there bands tend to be the usual gym friendly ones in bright neon colours. I want access to the glam fitness tracker bands that we constantly see overseas. Tory Burch partners with Fitbit for some really stunning designer bands and I know the company has done the more high end bands for most of their devices. It is frustrating though when you have a Fitbit, see all the glam bands online but can’t get your hands on them locally. Importing can be such a bother sometimes that I’m not always willing to take the risk – especially when it comes to Fitbit bands… until now.

fitbit alta

Fabulously Fit is a South African online store that offers a host of glam bands for various Fitbit devices and Apple watches. I specifically took a look at the Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitbit Alta HR. I have the gorgeous silver Flex 2 bracelet but I see Fabulously Fit also stocks the gold. So I’d consider buying that so I can ultimately swop out depending on my outfit colour scheme (for real, that is a thing). Because I was using the Flex 2 I ended up gifting my brother with the Alta HR. Which, while nice for him, came with a turquoise and pink leather strap. Not ideal. Taking a look on their site they do really nice leather bands for the Alta HR which is perfect for him if he wants to turquoise it out at gym and then transition it to work later.

fitbit flex 2 accessories

The Apple Watch band selection is decent as well and I thought the pricing was fair. There’s also a discount code available to new customers which makes it a bit more attractive. Cassidy made a purchase and raved about the service. I’ll be dead honest, I haven’t tried them yet as I’m not 100% committed to the gold Flex 2 band yet but I’ll likely head on over when I need to get my brother a gift.

I just thought I’d tell them about you because they’re local and stocking something really useful and glam. So if you’re looking to add some bands to your Apple Watch or Fitbit collection – you have a spot to shop! 


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