dabbing unicorn shirt

3 ways to style your favourite geeky T!

Confession time: I’m obsessed with geeky T-shirts. If you’ve followed Tech Girl for awhile there is a good chance you’re already well aware of my insane collection of slogan Ts, logo Ts and a host of other garments that contribute to the geeky T obsession.

The think about a simple T-shirt is that it has so much versatility in your wardrobe. You can style it up or down and it allows you to take a little bit of geek with you where ever you go – even if you’re going into the boardroom! To showcase what I mean I’ve done a little bit of a different post today with 3 ways to style your favourite geeky T below. Consider it my Tech Girl Fashion look book if you like. ?

I decided to showcase the 3 styles with my very own design:

The Less Salt, More Sugar T-shirt in collaboration with That Store.

During one of my live streams we started playing with the saying “less salt, more sugar”. There is so much “salt” these days. I’m not sure if it is bred by social media or if social media just allows everyone and their mom to rant, but I see it more and more. Sub Tweets, negative commentary on everything, constantly searching for fights with others or criticising others. I’m just as guilty of being one of the salty ones as I’ve jumped on that negative bandwagon too.

dabbing unicorn shirt

I’ve spoken about That Store before. When we chatted about collabing on some fun T-shirts it was a no brainer that the dabbing unicorn needed to feature, but I wanted to add the saying as well. To sparkle the shirt up a bit we went with a rose gold finish and I’m hoping you love them as much as I did working on the design (with my incredible graphic designer by the way – she’s super talented!). A limited number of the T-shirts are available on That Store for a cost of R200. You can purchase one by clicking here or if you visit the site a little later be sure to click on Blogger T-shirts and head to page 2.

The first 2  buyers get a free Unicorn snapback included in their order. There is also going to be a special running on That Store. You can purchase a shirt and cap together for R400 (That’s R100 saving as the caps usually retail for R300). If you’re interested in that special comment on this post and I’ll let you know once it is live. Right, let’s get in to the looks:

The every day chill

dabbing unicorn shirt

This is my standard uniform usually: blue jeans, geeky T, snap back and a good pair of Converse.

I have a pretty insane collection of custom Converse (if I do say so myself) and I find geeky Ts are great to pair with “bolder” sneakers. Especially if you want to colour co-ordinate a bit. Here I’m wearing a pair of Forever New high waisted skinny blue jeans, Converse x Miley Cyrus Sneakers (so much sparkle!) and a Dabbing Unicorn Snapback. Now that I’ve found a brand of jeans that actually fit my bum and thighs, I’ve found it easier to start tucking in my Ts. It makes me feel somewhat exposed BUT I do think it gives me more shape as opposed to a more baggy “square” look. It does take some getting used to though. I’m working on being braver and embracing my curves more!

Girl Boss

dabbing unicorn shirt

You don’t have to spend a fortune of “work” clothes nor do they have to be boring. 

I like adding a dash of my personality in the boardroom and so my standard meeting attire tends to get jazzed up with a bit of geek (rose) gold added in. I’m still on that T-shirt tucking in vibe but I add a belt for the work day. Mainly because my friend Lauren says belts just say “I’m business serious today.” I don’t know if belts actually say this but you get the point. I found the pink jacket I’m wearing at Forever New and love how it dresses the T up and looks smart but still has a bit of a funkier element because of the colour and the sleeve style. Heels instantly elevate an outfit but I hate wearing them most days. These gladiator type open toe heels work well though, the heel isn’t too high and is a bit thicker, so I have more support. I also found that because they were secured around the ankle they were also easier to wear the whole day. Again, possibly the extra support? I paired this outfit with my new Forever New laptop bag. My two top tips: Invest in a laptop bag that has a handbag look. Its just easier to cart around to and from meetings as opposed to shrugging a backpack on and off. Also, if you’re doing the geeky T and jacket to work vibe, try glam the shoes up a bit. You’re not Zuckerberg so ditch the sneakers.

Pamper Me

dabbing unicorn shirt

Grab a geek T a few sizes bigger than usual and turn it into a “nightie” 

The T-shirts sold from That Store are a light soft cotton that breathes. I really loved the material and immediately realised that it doubles up really well for pajamas! Haha. I hate scratchy itchy cottons that are thick. Especially when it comes to the clothes that are meant to be worn when I’m relaxing. Rather than splurging on nighties, purchase a few over sized Ts. They double up really well as the perfect PJs but when summer hits you can also use them on the beach as cover ups to protect yourself from the sun. The soft material is a plus for you but the geek designs and slogans means you can cross them over from sleep wear to beach wear. Easy!

Don’t forget to comment below if you want to take advantage of the cap and shirt deal. Also let me know which is your favourite look and, if you have a favourite geeky T, I’d love to see it! 

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