ASMR videos – the what, why & HUH?

I didn’t plan on having so many animal-related posts, but it just so happened that I was #blessed with these amazing stories. And if you still have #royalwedding on the brain, I’ve rounded up the only three tweets you need to know about and learn something new with ASMR videos.

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🐷And this little piggy went all the way home

🐲Bearded Dragons apparently make good dates

This is not a joke. The Bearded Dragon community started a thread showing just how cool these critters are, and in some cases, they make the perfect baes.

🕶Just another reason why pangolins are cool AF

😷Therapy llamas are an actual thing

And just ICYMI, wedding llamas are also a thing. A very important one at that.

💩And check out Crap Taxidermy

👄Chewing videos are a thing

I was shocked when a colleague showed me a chewing video. And in case you’re wondering what that is, it is a genre of YouTube videos where people create sounds that other people listen to. Also known as ASMR, these videos just creep me out but apparently it helps people relax.

💍These tweets sum up the Royal wedding

🎙And if you haven’t yet, please take a listen to the latest episode of Bytesized:

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