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My ridiculous girl geek birthday wish list

For the past few months I’ve been curating lists of rad stuff I find online that I think you’d like. The lists usually start when I purchase something. I want to share it with you so I make a favourites list, then another favourites list and there was even a geek things haul recently. This month, I started another girl geek finds list and then remembered:

It’s my birthday this month!

My born day is 22 May and while making my list I realised that I could actually turn this into a birthday wishlist. I’d seen my friend Sharon do something similar over on The Blessed Barrenness. I really liked reading her list, it introduced me to some rad new stuff and really gave me insight in to her life at the moment. So I’ve merged the hauls with my birthday wish list. I’ve got some of my favourite products below but truth be told… I’ve actually purchased a stack of them already with only the “possibly unavailable” in South Africa stuff left. Take a look and let me know your favourites?

Here’s my ridiculous girl geek birthday wishlist

A printer

girl geek birthday wish list

A what? Yeah, not exactly the ridiculously fun present idea you had in mind right? But I’m so over having to beg people to print things for me from their office or having to drive to the local stationery shop to get stuff printed. And for some absurd reason people still want things printed. I need a printer. I actually just went and purchased one in a fit of “its time to be an adult dammit”. I settled on the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3788 Printer. I was originally set on purchasing the Advantage 3785 because I’ve used it before and I liked how small and compact it was. But I settled on the 3788 because it is available in red. Seriously, that was the influence in my purchase decision. Anyway, it comes with ink and, if you’re wondering, it is still in the box. I’m thinking of unwrapping it on the 22nd!

Razer Kraken Quartz Pro V2 Headset

girl geek birthday wish list

I’ve been pining over these babies since they were announced. My current Razer Man O War headset is sublime BUT, I like these ones. I’m well aware that the Krakens are top class so I have no fear about performance and, I like the colour of these babies (anyone else seeing the trend here?). They’ve landed in South Africa and are exclusive to takealot just by the way and yes, I already have a set. My bad. I actually mentioned them previously for a W24 piece I wrote about pink gadgets.

The Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

girl geek birthday wish list

In the last few months Urban Decay announced this palette and it has me going absolutely gaga. It isn’t available in South Africa (yet) and it is breaking my heart. I mentioned the new Urban Decay online store on my online shopping post recently. I’m not so patiently waiting for them to release this bad girl locally. It is ideal for travelling and every time I pack a bag now I get upset that I don’t have it (seriously, it is bad). The Backtalk Palette is inspired by the Vice lipstick of the same name. The palette has two sides to it. One has gorgeous nude, rose and berry type eyeshadow shades and then on the other side you have matching blush and highlighter shades (four of those). I’m a huge fan of the shades and love how you can mix and match this for a multitude of looks. It also means I don’t have to try find a way to get all my Naked Palettes in my bags!

A Unicorn Pillow

girl geek birthday

But not any Unicorn Pillow – this Despicable Me Unicorn Pillow! I’ve spent forever trying to hunt one down in South Africa with no luck. I’m looking for the big bugger, the one you can cuddle and shout ITS SO FLUFFY. While a few local stores offer the smaller plushies, I’m yet to find the beast I desire. I also think that would make the perfect pillow for my couch. Who doesn’t want to cuddle into a unicorn tummy right?

These Miley Cyrus Converse sneakers

girl geek birthday wish list

Okay fine, yes, I already purchased these. Actually I think as they got announced I found them online and purchased them. I have a small Converse obsession… what can I say? But these are divine and I’d add a few extras from the collection to my wish list. Most of the range is available in South Africa at Converse stores. The sneakers range in pricing from R999 to around R1199.

A Nomination Bracelet

girl geek birthday wish list

Why am I adding this to the list? I have one, I just can’t wear it. I have a gorgeous Pandora bracelet with charms that I wear always. Each charm is so sentimental and special but the bracelet is running out of space. On cleaning out my cupboard the other day I found my old nomination bracelet. Around 10 years ago a friend purchased it for me and then also purchased a charm link. The problem was that the charm link she purchased for me wasn’t an official Nomination one. The charm ended up being coated tin and gave me the most horrible rash. Now I don’t know how to get the charm off or even where to go to get it done. It is an old bracelet and seems to require a tool of some sort. So now I have the unwearable bracelet, but I’m going to get it fixed and hopefully add it to my wrist with extra charms to accompany the Pandora beauty. I just love the understated elegance of the Nomination bracelet. Simple and sexy. Now I just need to find someone who can help me return mine to its former glory.

Storm Trooper Rug

girl geek birthday wish list

Completely impractical and yet glorious. I think my room desperately needs a Storm Trooper rug. Its winter, its cold and we need some white fluffy floor material to make it all better. Plus Star Wars right?

Anything you love? Let me know in the comments below! 



  • Reply Riona Arjoon May 10, 2018 at 08:55

    Love this idea! Makes me want to think of what I would put on a list (mine is 22 June btw so that list needs to start asap). I love the Urban Decay Palette. I don’t know but everything they have is so sparkly and amazing and I wish I know how to properly apply everything LOL. So I went into the Sandton City store earlier this week and got the Naked Palette, I’m in love with it. And another lipstick, totally a unicorn colour, but I’m yet to wear it. Speaking of Unicorn colours, I love the pillow and a huge one would be amazing! My third favourite item on the list are the Mikey sneakers. I do not own a single pair of sneakers. Yes. You read right. But I just want something pretty and comfy. The Vans Snoopy edition and Princess Peach edition were two I loved but by the time i saw them, there was none in my size! So I’m glad to see your post so I can keep updated!

    • Reply Sam Wright May 10, 2018 at 10:33

      Start the list! You’re so close to your birthday month. What I love about Urban Decay is that you don’t have to be able to apply actually. The stuff is so good that you can kind of wing it and work from there. But I’m obsessed with the Naked Palettes and cannot wait for Back Talk to drop. I can’t believe you don’t own sneakers. No no no. We need to change that. So first thing on your birthday list has to be sneakers 🙂

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