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4 common cellphone problems & how to fix them

Our cellphones are always by our sides so its only natural that when you spend so much time with your device that you run into smartphone problems. Here are some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

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1.You’re running low on storage

Trying to download an app or take pictures and getting a warning that your device is low on space? While going through all the photos of your furkids and deciding on which photos to delete or keep may seem like an option, I’m not a monster. I mean how do you choose?

but ive deleted everything

So instead I use Microsoft’s OneDrive and have set it up so that it automatically saves my images and videos. There is a free version, but I got free storage with my plan. Other options include Dropbox or iCloud. It is really handy being able to access your media remotely in the cloud (also helps ease the pain of point 4).

Alternatively, you can also use external hardware, like these ones that are kind of like carrying around a USB.

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2.You’ve cracked your screen

Dropping your phone is bad. Waiting to assess the damage is even worse. Try watching the gif below without a sick feeling in your stomach. It’s not possible.

A screen protector goes a long way to help lessen the damage and even if it doesn’t save the screen completely at least you’ll know it’s not as bad as it could have been. This should be one of the first things you get when you get a new phone.

There is only one rule when it comes to screen protectors: Don’t try put it on yourself (although you probably have mad skills, very few people are skilled in the art witchcraft of putting on screen protectors). Trust me those bubbles will annoy you.

*Only when you use a screen protector

3.You’ve dropped your phone in the bath/toilet/insert liquid here

Sitting in the bath while reading your phone or dropping your phone in the toilet (don’t judge it happens. Not to me, but to others.) Although I have never dropped a phone in the toilet, I once dropped by shiny new iPod touch into the bath. It’s now the most expensive paperweight I own. I digress.

Here’s what to do if you drop your phone in liquid:

1. Start crying uncontrollably because your phone is now dead to you.

2. Not really. The best thing is to actually leave it and allow it to dry naturally on a paper towel.

3. Get a SAVACEL for only R90 to use in case of an emergency. 

Prevention is better than cure

Get one of these to lessen the chance of dropping your phone:

I would suggest buying a Pop Socket. I have used this since December and honestly, have no idea how I managed without one before. Mine is black like my heart, to go with my pink and black phone case. But there are so many cool ones to choose from. They start from R159.

pop sockets superhero

If a Pop Socket ain’t your style, then put a ring on it.

smartphone accessory ring

4. Your phone gets stolen (or you lose it)

These are two separate problems with the same result – no phone. If using an iPhone, make sure you are connected to your iCloud account so that you can find your phone if stolen or lost. For Android users, use Google’s free Find My Device app. These allow you to locate your phone (Android one is limited to a distance) and wipe them.

You can also get insurance for your phone which is important if you have a fancy (read expensive) phone. You don’t want to be paying for a phone on contract that you no longer have or replacing one at your own expense. But if not then it’s probably worth your while to buy a new one if it gets stolen. Phones have come a long way baby and even the cheapest Androids will have what you need. 

Also if you upgrade, always keep your old phone as a spare so that you at least have a backup device.

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