What’s your Starbucks name?

When it comes to the Gram your real name means nothing. What is important is your Starbucks name. And before you wonder WTF that is you should read on. You can also learn to speak Klingon, find out what the emoji of the year is and more in this week’s Bytesized.

☕Get your name on a Starbucks cup without the going to a Starbucks part

The first time I had Starbucks was when I was in Taiwan and I loved it. A Starbucks was the perfect place to get away from the busy streets, sip on soy lattes and eat cranberry scones. I was pretty excited when we got a Starbucks here, but due to its location, I don’t visit it as often as I did back in T1 (at the first place I lived we had one a block away).

type in your name

No Starbucks experience is complete without getting your name on a cup. I once walked into a Starbucks, proudly ordered in Chinese and gave my English name only to pick up a cup that read 外國人. A why-gore-ren is a foreigner. Touche.

Enter your name at What’s My Starbucks Name and it will get it horribly wrong like only Starbucks can. You can post it to the Gram and make errybody jealous.

whats my starbucks name jone
And this is my Starbucks name… Jone.

?You can now learn Klingon with Duolingo

Duolingo is an amazing language learning app that doesn’t only offer the usual languages. You can already learn Esperanto (1.3M learners) and High Valyrian (262k learners) which is from Game of Thrones and now they have added Klingon (49.9k learners).

?The emoji of the year goes to…

The Shorty Award for Emoji of the Year 2018 goes to the unicorn! Runners-up include the avo, rainbow and facepalm, which just shows how the world is currently feeling.

The Rock called it in Central Intelligence

⏳Work, work, work sometimes sucks

Here are some tweets that capture this sentiment perfectly.

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