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My geek things haul and a teaser of what to expect on the blog

I’ve spent the last few days settling in back home and tidying up my home office. Which somehow ended up looking like a small child had unpacked all my cupboards, even though I wasn’t here! After 5 and a half weeks of being on the road I was finally able to sort through a bunch of goodies that have arrived, some rad press drops and then actual stuff I spent cash on. I’ve detailed everything below. Please note, nothing in this post was sponsored, I’ve been pretty clear on my disclaimers from the get go – if you have any questions they’re always welcome in the comments. You’ll remember I’ve done a few posts on girl geek goodies I’m in love with or recently purchased:

My favourite geek things for February

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Lots of these geek things will get their own posts on the blog (or already have) but here’s what to expect and what I’m loving right now:

Tech Girl Dabbing Unicorn Snapbacks

dabbing unicorn snapbacks

I only ever make a limited number of new caps and they tend to sell out rather fast. A new batch of snapbacks arrived the day I landed, which means the store has been restocked. I’ll be shipping out the back orders today but there are a few more available. I really love these caps and love how many people seem to dig them too. So opening this box gave me all the warm and fuzzies! If you want to find out more about the caps and order yours you can do that by clicking here.

The Sea of Thieves Xbox Wireless Controller

sea of thieves controller

Technically this isn’t mine. Player 2 purchased one for himself on release of the game. They retail for about R999 and at the time he actually asked me if I wanted one. I have my Razer Raiju so it seemed like a lot of cash for something I didn’t really need. Then I arrived home, saw it sitting on the table and now I’m regretting my life choices. This controller is so beautiful to look at. I love the gold trigger that replicates a gold pirate tooth and the design detail. Apparently it also glows in the dark… so obviously I need to try it out. I’m still trying to convince the boyfriend though.

Razer D.Va Gaming Gear

Razer Dva peripherals

I’m probably going to have a video up for you this week about these geek goodies so I won’t say much now other than OHMIGOSH YAY! I was actually meant to get this mousepad and mouse while in the Ukraine but we had some issues with customs. The rad Razer folk then arranged to have these waiting for me when I returned. They’re well priced and just super cool. If you’re an Overwatch fan you’re going to be impressed. The Razer build quality and decent price point makes them rather attractive as well. I cannot wait to give these a go in game.

Revlon Holochrome Collection

revlon holographic nail enamel

How much do you love brushed aluminium finishes on gadgets that have that chrome type feel to them? Me too! Which is why when the new Revlon Holochrome Collection launched I got WAY too excited. The colours of the nail varnish reminded me of some of my favourite gadgets and I absolutely had to test out Unicornicopia and Molten Magic. I’ve got a really fun blog post planned for these babies that will tie together geek and girl. Too excited to share (and paint my nails!).


pickle rick funko pops

No explanation needed. I knew these arrived while I was away and even blogged about them. Now I can finally get them out of the box and set up. These babies are rad. Really stoked to add them to my Funko POP collection.


funko pops

For the 5 weeks I was away I did my usually weekly live stream, but with a twist. Gammatek, the only distributor of Funko POPs in South Africa sponsored the stream. I was able to play some different games and give away various POPs linked to those games. It was so much fun! Here are some highlights:

The POPs all arrived while I was away and I’ve spent the weekend packaging them up to send them out to lucky winners!

My Chux haul

Chux cleaning products

I know this is a really weird one but, travelling leaves my gadgets grimy and gross. My notebooks always come out of my bag looking decidedly yucky. I picked up a bunch of Chux products before leaving for Europe, specifically to test out on tech. I wanted to run a little experiment to see how normal “household” cleaning items could potentially be used for your tech, to find a more affordable option for cleaning. I’m most excited to use the Magic Eraser which is chemical free but when you add water can remove really ugly scuff marks and dirt. The Scourers won’t go near my gadgets, obviously, but you can never have enough of those right?



My go to chocolate brand in the Ukraine was M&Ms. I don’t think anyone can walk through an airport without picking up a bag of the chocolatey goodness. I did post about the partnership that M&Ms and UberEats ran over the Easter long weekend. If you found hidden easter eggs in the app while ordering food you received a free bag of the heavenly little chocolates with your order. I’m happy to see M&Ms getting more of a footprint in SA because it means they’ll be stocked in more stores. Yummy.

I also only posted them here because it was a good transition – now that I’ve shared some of my geek things with you and am ready to start working, I’m off to take an M&Ms break and brain storm!

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