bytesized-for-your-ears podcast

Bytesized for your ears is here (it’s a podcast)

Bytesized is a weekly post released on a Friday that brings you all the internet news you need to know in snackable bytes. It’s what you need to know to sound impressive and you can read it in under 5 minutes. And if you’ve been following my work you know that I absolutely love podcasts. I recently discovered Anchor and got podcast equipment for my birthday so I decided to start Bytesized for your ears. Or as it is otherwise known, a podcast.

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Here’s how Bytesized for your ears works

Every week on a Saturday I release Bytesized the podcast on Anchor. You’ll be able to listen to it on Anchor or find the link on social media (Twitter or Facebook). This weekly segment is always under 5 minutes and is a quick way for you to catch up on the latest internet news you need to know about while doing other stuff*.

?Listen to Bytesized on Anchor here

Then once a month, I release the Best of Bytesized, which is a collection of all the cool stuff from the last month.

The Best of Bytesized is available on Anchor or click the link below to listen 

*You get to decide what other stuff means here. 

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