Here’s why drones are better than models

Last weekend I went zip lining in the Waterberg and even though I’ve been zip lining before I only got over my fear halfway in. I was shaking and my lips went blue because I was biting them but I did it. There’s probably a metaphor about facing your fears in here somewhere but once done I was met with a steep climb back up to base camp. Was it fun? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Is there a point to this story? No. Here’s this week’s Bytesized packed with all the internet stuff you need to know about.

?Karma Payment Plan: kid pees on elevator buttons & then gets stuck

Possibly one of the best video titles ever, “Chinese boy breaks elevator with his pee pee”, shows what happens when you don’t play nice. I like how the kid checks if anyone is watching ???. Also how gross that he then touches the same buttons he peed on ???.


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?Drones have taken catwalk models jobs

At the latest D&G show drones modelled the handbags. And that means drones are taking good looking people’s jobs. Here are some reasons why drones are better models:

  • drones are ALWAYS red carpet and catwalk runway ready
  • drones don’t have agents
  • drones are so NOT last season (drones are so hot right now)
  • this is actually drone upliftment – before they were delivering medicine, post or being used in war zones



5 Funny AF Tweets that made me ??? this week:

? A simple test to ensure you stay humble

I’ve watched Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping about 4 times now and it just gets funnier. Here’s a reminder to stay humble.

?My thoughts on sharing food

?No one ever says “Just BING it”

?And the key to happiness is NOT…


?Does this ever happen to you?

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 ? Vero, a new viral social media app (also please follow me)

WTF is Vero: the latest social media app that has a chronological timeline and lets you post different types of media to everyone, acquaintances and friends (you get to choose).

Download Vero for iOS or Android here.

✔ Ad-free (subscription fee to be implemented) ✔ First million subscribers get FREE lifetime membership (recently updated to ALL new members) ✔ Pick any username (likely hasn’t been taken yet)

Fun facts: Vero means true in Italian and was created by billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri, who is the son of the assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

Maurice on vero

I joined earlier this week and posted some posts and so far have one like and one acquaintance (I was hoping this person wouldn’t be offended being put in that category).

If you’d like to connect, please add me. I’m trying to make my chinchilla Maurice “vero-famous”.

maurice on vero famous

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