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Have you seen these emergency phone chargers at festivals?

I was at the Incubus concert in Pretoria this past weekend. Incubus was amazing. The venue had some issues with parking but this isn’t going to be a concert review. Rather I wanted to showcase a little something I found at one of the stalls that I thought was pretty damn cool.

Emergency phone chargers

boost phone charger

Usually when I go out I’m armed with cables and portable power banks so I never run out of battery juice on my phone. BUT, at music concerts and festivals I also hate carrying backpacks and bags. So I usually stuff some cash in to my pockets and leave my phone at home. Until now. While at the concert there was a little both set up near the food stalls selling Emergency phone chargers.

This is Boost

tech girl it incubus

Boost sells small emergency phone chargers which you can use when you run out of battery power or need a quick 20 to 40% boost. You don’t need to hang around at their stand waiting for the phone to charge. Rather you purchase the device, plug it in to your phone and off you go. It is also much smaller than a normal power bank so if you aren’t carrying a bag it won’t be the end of the world.

boost phone charger

Pricing at the concert was pretty decent. I’d had a few vodka and Red Bulls so I’m not 100% sure of the accurate cost but it worked out to like R60 for two or there abouts. They’re able to charge Android and iPhone devices but you can also purchase one with a USB connection for like, your vape. I’m pretty sure that is a thing right?

The problem

Boost phone charger

My big concern with these little babies is that while they’re once off I don’t think tossing them in the bin is great for the environment. I spoke to the gents at the stall and they mentioned that they actually include a battery and should be properly recycled. When you combine the plastic and the battery simply tossing them in the bin when you’re done seems a bit environmentally selfish. Which means you may need to carry it with you until you get home so you can recycle them properly.

I didn’t test the chargers out. I didn’t purchase one. I didn’t bring my phone with so it would have been pointless. But I’ve also been in situations at music concerts and festivals where I run flat and I really think these little gadgets could be a potential life saver.

Anyone used them? What did you think?

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