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What to do before you sell your iPhone

I love Apple. I love how all my devices seamlessly integrate and speak to one another. I love how they seem to just “get me” and operate together. However, if you’ve ever had to sell an iPhone you know that is can be a bit of a mission.

There’s a few things you need to do before you sell your iPhone and to help I’ve put together a quick guide (thanks PopSugar and Apple for helping me cherry pick the important stuff).

Step 1: Make sure you unpair all your linked stuff.

Apple Watches, fitbits etc. Just unpair all of them.

Step 2: Remove your photos.

This is pretty straight forward, don’t just delete them on the phone though. Rather follow these steps.

Connect your phone to your computer > Open Image Capture or iPhoto > Select all photos > Import all

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Top tip – in iPhoto choose “delete photos from iPhone

Top tip – in Image Capture choose delete items after download

Step 3: Turn some stuff off

Turn off iMessage by going to Settings > Messages > iMessage > Off

Turn off Facetime by going to Settings > Facetime > off

Step 4: sign out of all the things

You need to sign out of iCloud and the iTunes app. Here’s how to do that:

Settings > [Your device name] > scroll down and tape sign out > enter your Apple ID > Sign out

Step 5: Factory reset your phone

Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings

Step 6: Let your phone provider (MTN, Telkom, Vodacom, Cell C etc) know that they need to transfer the service and you’re selling the phone.

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Step 7: Unregister your device

Head over to supportprofile.apple.com and unregister your device

Top tip – You can do all of this and erase your device remotely if you registered Find My iPhone. Just sign in to icloud.com/#find > click all devices > choose the phone to erase

You’re now ready to hand your phone over to your new owner. If you want to sell your phone check out Gumtree as a good place to start. I’m going to be working with them for some rad gaming content soon so watch my social channels for that 😉


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