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My favourite geek things for February

In the last few weeks I’ve come across some super rad things that have either made me giggle or just got me going “I WANT that”. So I figured now was a good a time as any to share them with you. There’s no real motivation here. Just funky geek things that made me go: “that’s rad”. This is my list and some of it isn’t all that geek but bear with me. Also, if you have any items you think I’m missing out on let me know in the comments below so I can add them!

Most of these items below are either free, not yet available or things I purchased with my own moola. 

The Le Creuset Mickey Mouse collection!

mickey mouse le creuset

I’m not really all that active in the kitchen if I’m honest. But I still have my own home and realise the importance of decent dishes. Le Creuset makes cast iron cookware, if you weren’t aware and they let a sneaky piece of news slip a few weeks ago on their Instagram account. They’re joining up with Disney to bring you a range of Mickey Mouse cookware. The collection is set to land locally on 1 March and I’m already saving up. Listen, Le Creuset is expensive, but everyone I speak to says completely worth it. Plus, its Mickey Mouse. How cute?

The Monopoly Cheatbot

Monopoly cheater

This one made me giggle so I had to share. Until the 16th of February Monopoly has a “cheatbot” running. You just go over here and report them – Mr Monopoly himself then hands out a customised consequence for naughty board game behaviour. Its kind of genius. However, apparently flipping the board in fury when losing falls in to the “naughty” box. Which means I’m going to get in to trouble with the bot. I love that the game is going to allow you to bring in a bot to make the game more fun. Player 2 is obsessed with boardgames but this is the one that I cannot seem to convince him to play (even though we have the Nintendo version). I’m hoping this little bot addition might change his mind.

Swiitch Beauty

Swiitch Beauty

I’m not sure I missed this one for so long but I’m glad I found it! Swiitch Beauty is a South African makeup brand started by Rabia Ghoor. She created a bunch of great products and now runs an online store. I saw some of her products pop up in my Instagram feed recently so decided to check it out and the pricing was so good I purchased some items. I bought the #GlowGasmPalette because I’m currently obsessed with highlighter and the #UltimatePalette which is a bunch of matte lipsticks. The order arrived the next day with an adorable follow up email and the products are really good quality. I’ve been so impressed with the online service but also the actual make up. Winning!



I actually wrote about SnapScan when they launched a few years back. But recently I’ve been relying more on the payment app and is is definitely my “app of the month”. You can now also use it for online purchases and it is so much easier than trying to remember your card details. So it has been added to my geek things list of awesome this month. I promise you, out of all the payment apps I’ve used this one beats most.



Reading has always been one of my favourite past times but I felt like I had zero time to pick up a book last year. This year I’ve done the whole work life balance thing – which has freed up a stack of time to start picking up books again! I’m 3 down already and constantly craving more. After watching Altered Carbon on Netflix I was obsessed with getting the book and there are a few others from the Tech Girl Book Club I want to add to the mix. Because carrying around books is a mission I’m now seriously considering going the Kindle route. It has become an obsession. Everyone says I’m silly and should do a tablet rather but I think they’re wrong. So right now my life consists of googling Kindle reviews! Go figure!

Seriously thinking of doing regular posts like this. What do you think? 


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