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The giant problem with MacBooks (and how to solve it)

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I have a gaming notebook. But for video and photo editing I use a MacBook… I just like iMovie, what can I say. The problem with said MacBook and iMovie is that it is definitely not designed to store videos and raw footage. It almost always tells me there is no space left. I’ve recently started using OBS for game capture and that runs off my gaming notebook. Trying to move an external hard drive between a MacBook and a Windows machine is a WHOLE other story. If you’ve ever tried you might also still suffer from “reformatting” PTSD.

Which is why when the LaCie external hard drive landed on my desk I was all sorts of yay but also neigh. Until I plugged it in. I’ll get in to all the bells and whistles in a bit but first I want to highlight my favourite feature of this baby:

It works with Windows!

external hard drive

Once you’ve plugged the LaCie into your Mac and followed the set up process you have the option to use either one folder of the drive (with the most storage) and also a folder called LaCie Share which, is also compatible with your Windows device! In my case that means I plug the LaCie in to my gaming machine and collect the rough game capture footage, store it in Lacie share and then when I plug the drive in to my Mac I can access it. No reformatting or trying to find USBs big enough to hold the footage.

It has honestly made me the happiest girl around for awhile

external hard drive

My LaCie drive has become one of those gadgets that travels everywhere with me. I now store all my photos and videos on the device and use it as my primary space for media storage. It offers up 2TB of storage and has something called Rescue which you can activate.

Never lose stuff again

external hard drive

Rescue is a Data Recovery Service is run with Seagate and if you activate it you can recover data from hard drive failure, viruses, software issues and the like. Winning! Out the box the LaCie Rugged is pretty sexy. As the name implies it is meant to be one of those gadgets that are up for a bit of knocking around. It is shock resistant up to 1.2m so you can drop it on the floor and also rain resistant (great if you spill perfume in your laptop bag… yes, I’ve done this before). Because of this it has a rubber type covering. Mine is a neon orange but it isn’t off putting and the silver aluminium casing of the drive still gives it a premium look and feel.

All the connections

external hard drive

The drive comes with a USB-C connector and a USB 3.0 connector so you can upgrade your older MacBook and simply swop out the cables. It also has a 2 year limited warranty.

It is an external hard drive but the cross capability between Mac and Windows has made this little baby a God send for me. The 2TB offering I have will set you back around R2500 but if you’re a big media user this is going to be worth every penny. If you want to sweeten the deal even more, Digicape is running such a rad competition with LaCie. If you purchase one of the external hard drives on their online store or from any of their physical stores you’ll get a 15% discount on your purchase AND be entered to win a trip to Mauritius. I’m actually considering just buying another drive so I can enter. I need a beach holiday!

Disclosure: I was gifted with a LaCie external hard drive and since I’ve started using it I’m basically OBSESSED. Thank you Digicape! 

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