Art Accounts To Follow… Because “Earth” without “Art” is just “eh”…

I’ve done a lot of these “accounts I’m following” posts recently. First animals, then food, and now today’s post which is all about art and photography.

Art is exceptionally important to me. It has been a constant in my life ever since I can remember. Be it drawings or illustrations, photographs or even “moving art” in the form of dancing, they’ve always been a part of my life. Personally, I can’t draw as well as I’d like to be able to (I did average a 60% for my drawing classes at varsity, but I’ve always wished my drawing skills were more refined).

Today, I’ve compiled a list of Instagram and Twitter accounts of illustrators, photographers and artists who inspire me every day, and I wanted to share them with you.

Liz Climo

An illustrator I fell in love with many years ago with her adorable illustrations of little creatures doing cute little things. My personal favourites being the adventures Rory the Dinosaur gets up to (he has 3 books by the way) and the holiday/occasion related pieces.

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Her pieces are always sweet, light-hearted and sometimes have a little pun hidden in them. (Climo also illustrates for The Simpsons which is pretty rad!)

Piper Thibodeau

I *think* I found Thibodeau’s account during #Inktober last year but I’m not entirely sure. I love her Twitter account because her posts consist of “Daily Paint”, “Daily Sketch” and “Pun Incoming” posts.

Pun Incoming

These often consist of “work in progress” doodles and colourisations of the “Daily Paint” that is posted later during the day. These usually have a pun, loose play on words, are just a combination of things in one sketch that turn out to be adorable.

Daily Sketch

These are (usually) related to the “Daily Paint”, but have the hand-drawn and coloured element. Sometimes they elaborate on the daily pun, other times they add to them. They’re just cute, okay?

Daily Paint

Then finally, after the “Pun Incoming” and “Daily Sketches” have been posted, the final “Daily Paint” is revealed for the day. These are (usually) the final outcomes of the work. You see how the steps have come together, and these illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. I particularly enjoyed her posts during December as they were all Festive-Season-related, as well as punny.




I recently stumbled upon this Instagram account and instantly loved the vibrancy of the photos and videos she posts. Whether it’s a photo of recently completed work or progress videos, her stuff is also super light-hearted and very cute.

Brandon Woelfel

Different from the above accounts, Woelfel is a photographer. He is, however, still very much an artist. His work is beautiful and iconic. So much so, there are tutorials on YouTube about “How To Photograph Like Brandon Woelfel”. 

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You're dripping like a saturated sunrise

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Sweet like candy in my veins🍬

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I'm cut like a diamond, I'm cold💎✨

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His photos usually consist of fairy lights, lots and lots of fairy lights. ?. His Instagram Stories often show the before and after stages of his photos, so definately check them out.

Kai Böttcher

Another photography account, but entirely different from Woelfel’s style. Böttcher’s work features fewer fairy lights and more naturalness.

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Burn me down, til there‘s nothing left

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Focus // @vizualisa

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Complementary // @cathee28

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If there is any photographer in the world I’d want to work with, it’s definitely him.

Chris in Session

I’ve written about illustrators and photographers, but this last account is something entirely different. Digital photography from scenes in video games. I’ve been following Chris for a while, but he recently posted this;

How could something this stunning come from a video game?

I started looking through the media on his accounts and came across some stunning screenshots from various games. These included Horizon: Zero Dawn, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Origins

This proves that video games are digital works of art, and the art of capturing screenshots has been born.

Okay I’m Done Now

I’ve shared a lot of accounts with you recently. Post some accounts in the comments below that you feel I should check out. Hopefully, some of these inspire you to pick up a pen, pencil or paintbrush again. Or make you jump back into your favourite game in search of that perfect screenshot. I know I’m always left inspired by them.

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