water damaged phone

How to save your water damaged smartphone

The latest smartphones are sort of water proof, meaning you can accidentally drop them in a toilet without huge panic. However, if you have an older model any little splash is enough to send you in to a complete panic. Last year I got sent a little package that I still haven’t been able to test out yet and if I’m honest I hope I never have to. But, it might be something you’ll want to invest in to keep on hands, just in case.

SAVACEL is a bag designed to help save your phone from water damage.

water damage phone

SAVACEL costs R90 and can be purchased online. It’s an air sealed foil bag that you only open when your phone or other gadgets have come in to contact with water. It is really easy to use.

If your device gets wet, DO NOT DO ANYTHING. Do not push any buttons, try switch it on or off, nothing. Rather remove the device from the water, dry it off with a paper towel, try not to move it around too much and if possible remove the battery, SIM or memory cards. But DO THIS CAREFULLY.

Once you’ve done that cut open the SAVACEL kit above the ziploc section and carefully put your phone in to the bag. Then close the ziploc.

water damaged phone

Make sure it is sealed and leave the device in there for 48 to 72 hours. There is orange silica gel in the bag and it will turn green when the moisture is absorbed.

If you’re lucky the device wouldn’t have been damaged too much and the SAVACEL kit will be able to withdraw excess moisture and potentially save your phone. There is no guarantee though. However, there is a good chance that this will be far more effective than rice.

Obviously I’d love to review the SAVACEL but other than tossing my phone in a bath (which I don’t want to do) I’m not able to. I still think for R90 it might be worthwhile to keep on hand in an emergency.

Disclosure: I was sent a SAVACEL kit to try out. Luckily, I haven’t used it yet. 

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