iPhone cable

Never buy an iPhone cable ever again

iPhone cables have a tendency to break. A lot. Those little bastards aren’t up for the heavy lifting, with the connection between the lighting bit and the actual cable wears down quickly and breaks. Replacing one of these isn’t cheap. You can buy the cheap and affordable rip offs but they come with their own handful of problems – Apple does everything in its power to ensure you remain in their system or using only approved third parties.

Which is why I’m happy I found Fuse Chicken

A few months ago I mentioned that one of my new favourite gadget accessories was my Fuse Chicken iPhone charging cable. But there are a stack of other Fuse Chicken cables that make sure you’ll never have to buy an iPhone cable ever again. They’re also approved by Apple and sold in the iStore. Keep in mind this range is compatible with the latest iPhones and the 6 and 7 models. That cable I’m waxing lyrical about is in the blog post, or this one if you’re too lazy to click through:

iPhone cable

Is AMAZEBALLS. If you’re constantly wearing down your iPhone charging cable you need to buy this. But there are a few other Fuse Chicken items you might want to look at (or might suit you better).

The Fuse Chicken Bobine

iPhone cable

Much like the cable above this is a similar design but actually works as a flexible phone dock. You can plug it in to your notebook or PC at your desk and then set it up for eye-level notifications, hands free calls and the like. So it could be set up like a mini screen next to your monitor. The Bobine offers up a lightning connector to USB Type A and is half a metre long. You can twist it, coil it, wrap it around stuff and even bend it to suit your needs. It is also compatible with your car’s USB port so you could actually use it as a hands free kit when driving. It costs R499 at the iStore. A replacement on your iPhone charging cable costs around hundred rand less – but you’re going to get a longer life out of the Bobine, in my opinion.

The Fuse Chicken Rivet Charge

iPhone cable

The Rivet Charge is the OCD charging cable for the neat freak. It uses magnetic rivet technology that ensures the cable never gets tangled. You can coil the cable up and the magnetic rivets will snap together to form a portable loop. You then only need to the length of cable you need so it is really neat. The Rivet Charge also comes with a life time warranty. It is about 1m long. From what I can find, this isn’t available in South Africa but costs $34.95 on the Fuse Chicken store (which can ship to South Africa, either direct or you can purchase via Aramex Global Shopper).

The Fuse Chicken Rivet Loop

iPhone cable

Off the back of the rivet charge, the loop has used the same magnetic tech to make a smaller more portable cable that has two rivets. These attach together creating a loop which you can then secure to anything you want. It forms a perfect loop and allows you to carry it anywhere and charge on the go without losing the cable. It also has a lifetime warranty. Again, I’ve struggled to find these in South Africa but you can purchase them off the Fuse Chicken store for $29.95 (they do ship to South Africa but you can also use Aramex Global Shopper).

This is such a rad brand and really good quality. I cannot suggest them enough if you’re tired of breaking your chargers. Definitely worth the spend!

Disclaimer: After talking about my original Fuse Chicken cable the company sent me a few of their goodies to test out. They’re all superb. 

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