clean your hair straightener

How to clean your hair straightener

You probably didn’t realise this but you actually have to clean your hair straightener. Surprise! Those glorious plates that heat up and ultimately style your hair to perfection actually get dirty. Think about it, you’re running them over your hair daily (sometimes). That hair isn’t washed every time so there is bound to be a product build up, oil build up and general dirt build up. All that residue transfers to the plates.

The more build up, the less evenly the plates will heat up, the harder it becomes to style your hair.

clean your hair straightener

Cleaning your hair straightener is actually really easy. You need a damp warm cloth or wet wipes, a micro fibre cloth and you’re good to go. I’ve done a quick YouTube Tutorial on how to clean the plates and a clever hack I found involving… intimate wipes. For real!

Take a watch:

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