steam and go garment steamer

The gadget I never realised I NEEDED – a Philips Handheld garment steamer

I don’t own an iron. Mainly because I just don’t have space for an ironing board. Where would I put it? I need the cupboard space for laptop and gadget boxes. My philosophy was always that if an item of clothing needed ironing I didn’t need that item of clothing. But then I started Esports broadcasting and suddenly I needed help. My Esports gig means I travel a lot and it also means dresses, jackets and the like have to be folded up and put in a suitcase. When they come out of the suitcase they look less than glamourous. Most hotels used to include irons and ironing boards but I’ve seen a shift towards having to pay extra for access to these.

Enter the Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

Philips has just launched handheld garment steamers which mean you now have the perfect gadget to travel with you and to keep at home. It is the easiest item to use and works a treat. I’ve documented how simple it is to use for you:

steam and go garment steamer

Straight out the box you can plug this baby in and get going. But first you need to add water. Simply remove the green tube by sliding down.

steam and go garment steamer

The tube is small and you can fill it with your hotel tap. Easy.

steam and go garment steamer

Once you’ve filled it with water and re-attached you plug it in and wait a whole 45 seconds. You’re then good to go.

steam and go garment steamer

The first time I used the handheld steamer I made a rookie error and switched it on (just by holding the on button) on the garment, it does spit out some water droplets so be careful with sensitive material.

steam and go garment steamer

You simply run the steamer over the creases and the gadget does the rest.

It really is the easiest and simple gadget to work. When you’re done if you still have excess water, unplug the device, wait for it to cool down and remove the tube to empty.

While the Philips Handheld Garment Steamer is great in your bag for work trips (for obvious reasons) it has also become my go to at home now as well. I struggled a bit with my first shirt, but practice makes perfect. Use some Tshirts to start and get used to the steamer before you travel. It is a bit bulky and takes up space in your suitcase but I don’t mind all that much because of the amazing job it does.

The Steam&Go Handheld garment steamers are now available in SA for around R599 and if you’re anti-ironing or need something to help with all your travel, trust me, you need to find your nearest store

Disclosure: I was gifted with a Philips Handheld Garment Steamer and I took it with me to China. Best decision ever! 

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