floating waterproof speaker

A floating bluetooth speaker just in time for Summer holidays

The Rocka Wave Waterproof Speaker is exactly what it says in the name. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that also floats. Or so the marketing blurb said. I’ll be completely open and honest I did not test the floating bit. Right now I’m not near a pool and the thought of putting a speaker into my bath for “testing” has me reliving a movie I once watched where a woman was killed by a hair dryer flying into the bath.

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I know, over active imagination.

floating waterproof speaker

Anyway, back to the Rocka. It is a sturdy fella, covered in rubber with a cylindrical shape. For the most part it sits really easily in your hand and there is also a small lift on it to allow you to thread through a lanyard if you wish. It isn’t all that pretty. It has very much been designed to be sturdy and durable outdoors, so aesthetically it isn’t much to look at.

floating waterproof speaker

Pairing your phone is easy enough and you’re good to go. I really like that it is made for the outdoors. With Summer Holidays around the corner for us South Africans – this will be a great companion at a braai, on the beach or around the pool. You can also answer your calls via bluetooth with the speaker. So if you wanted to be really lazy you could literally sit in a pool all day and never leave.

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floating waterproof speaker

The battery life is decent. We get around 2 days with 4 to 5 hours use a day before we need to charge (simple UDB charging cable, nothing fancy). Be warned though – the sound quality is average at best. While the Rocka is loud (like really super loud, it has impactful volume), I find that the rubber finish over it tends to distort the sound a bit. It is almost crackly?

However, again, this is made to be outside so that crackle I’m moaning about will probably be lost by other noise. For the most part the Rocka Wave is a sturdy speaker with great battery life. The waterproof and floating additions make it a possible addition to your beach bag this summer. It costs around R600. So if you’re a water baby you might want it.

Disclosure: I was given a Rocka Wave Bluetooth Speaker 

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