Cybersmart online game

A new online game to help you get #cybersmart


Remember space invaders? Flip, I loved that game. Simple enough to play but still all the adrenaline you needed when those little buggers got too close. The perfect time waster when you just needed to refresh your brain. I’ve found its replacement, a new online game that takes its inspiration from Space Invaders but also helps you get cyber smart! There’s a bit about insurance as well, but we’ll get to that AFTER I’ve told you about the game!

Cybersmart online game

The premise is pretty simple. You can play it in your web browser (I used Chrome, I’m not sure if it works in Internet Explorer… does anyone even use Internet Explorer?) on a Windows machine or Mac. It is pretty simple, use the left and right arrow keys to move your cursor side ways and hit space bar to shoot. Then, shoot the aliens before they get too close! You’ll also have to dodge a few bombs they toss down and you’ll want to shoot the crowns for cybersure points. If you hit the Bitcoin you’ll need to answer a question about cyber security, get it right and you add extra time to the clock to try increase that score line.

Cybersmart online game

Not only is this #cybersure game pretty fun to play as a quick break from the office, studying or your significant other, but if you clock up a high enough score you could actually win R1 million in Bitcoin or the cash equivalent. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. I’m suddenly taking my Space Invaders experience very seriously and wish I’d spent more time playing as a kid.

Cybersmart online game

This online game is actually part of the launch for cybersure, King Price’s new cyber insurance for business. I think it is a rather clever way to launch a product but, more importantly, it also offers up some basic education around cyber security with the questions you have to answer after shooting a bitcoin. I had a think about this the other day, what would I do if my blog was hacked and all my content deleted? This is my online work portfolio and business now… how would I cope? How does a big enterprise cope when their servers are hacked and private data leaked? Or intellectual property compromised? Malicious cyber attacks can destroy your business, not only via the online network but also by corrupting your physical property such as employee laptops. In response, King Price now offers their cyber insurance for business – which protects companies against liability arising from cyber attacks.

Why is this important?

Cybersmart online game

Because cyber threats are real. Just writing this article and thinking about the potential damage that could occur if my blog disappeared from the internet or my Twitter password was hacked has left me somewhat freaked out. I cannot imagine what a big business might feel like. So at least now there is potential recourse and support. King Price is also set to release a personal cyber product early next year, for us smaller entrepreneurs or even my mom. Who has a tendency to click ALL THE FAKE NEWS LINKS on Facebook.

Back to that R1 million in Bitcoin

kingpricecybersure (03)

If you want to throw your Space Invader fingers into the ring to win that R1 million in Bitcoin or the cash equivalent, then head on over here to play. The top 8 players will be invited to a live knock-out round which will be streamed and the 3 final winners will then be determined. So King Price just turned cyber security in to an Esport as well. Wonder if I can convince them to let me shoutcast the final?

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