razer phone in south africa

Is the Razer smartphone available in South Africa?

Updated: YES. Details here. 

I am honoured to be a South African brand ambassador for Razer. Every time they announce one of their new products I get super hyped because they’re always awesome. A few weeks ago Razer announced the Razer phone. Their foray into the smartphone market. Gamers lost their minds. Why? Because this is one hell of a smartphone. Here’s some specs:

  • Android OS
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • thermal management
  • 64GB of storage and a microSD slot
  • 5.7″ LCD display with a resolution of 1440 by 2560
  • Two large stereo speakers on either side of the screen with dual amplifiers using Dolby Atmos
  • Dual 12MP camera on the back, one wide angle and the other 2 x telephoto
  • 8MP selfie camera
  • Fingerprint sensor on the power button

razer phone in south africa

Out the box it looks very much like a Sony Xperia and is a bit more squared off then current offerings BUT the phone has impressive stats AND the reviews are coming in – this is a sexy beast. For gamers you can now climb into mobile gaming but for phone users generally, this phone should be on your want list. It is powerful, has a great camera AND battery life to boot. The phone is available from 17 November for around R10 000. The reviews are starting to roll in and this phone delivers. It is something many of the tech folk are saying you want. Since the announcement my inbox has been flooded with the same question:

Is the Razer smartphone available in South Africa?

razer phone in south africa

Well…. no. I’ve chatted with the Razer distribution team and here is how it works: The phone will be available for order off the Razer zone website BUT, they don’t ship to South Africa. The phone will also be available through Three in the UK, a mobile service provider not currently in Africa. In the US you could purchase it from a few other mobile service providers (also not active or partnered in the African market) or potentially from a few Microsoft stores if you’re lucky. We’ve not been allocated hardware for first release. Usually how this works is that the brand allocates x amount of product to each region. Unfortunately for that first shipment South Africa was not allocated product. We still don’t know when that will change.

razer phone in south africa

The local Razer distribution team is working on trying to get phones into the market. We just don’t have a supply date yet. Also, unfortunately bringing a phone into SA isn’t easy. Ideally the networks need to jump on board to offer contract options for those who don’t have 10k to drop in cash. I don’t know if you’ve ever sat on hold for a mobile service provider’s call centre but based off that I’m presuming they’re hard to get hold of. Plus based off the data missing and pricing issues – they’re likely greedy as well. So that might mess us around a bit. The moment I have more information or news of some phones coming in obviously you’ll be the first to know.

But now, for the good news

razer phone in south africa

Before you leave here grumpy I do have some good Razer news for you. Some great new releases are landing in South Africa in January.

First up is the Razer Kiyo. This is the new webcam from Razer which includes a ring light. This is going to be ideal for gamers but also beauty bloggers or anyone attempting to make video actually, cause the built in lighting will be a game changer. It can also stream in 60 fps. It has full HD streaming capabilities as well.

Razer Kiyo

Also dropping in South Africa in January are the D.Va suite mousepad and mouse. That’s the D.Va Abyssus Elite and Razer Goliathus. Both items have a new colour scheme and feature the iconic D.Va angry bunny. I absolutely love these items and think that even if you’re not an Overwatch fan you’ll love the design of these. Both will be available at Evetech.

razer Dva suite

And there you have it. Not ideal news but at least you have some answers. I’m also waiting with baited breath for the phone to drop locally. It isn’t great news but know that the local team is working on it! Also be sure to follow me on social media. I have the inside scoop on some sick Razer Black Friday deals that I’ll be sharing!


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