iphone 8 out the box

First impressions of the iPhone 8

Two weeks ago I moved to the iPhone 8. I’ve had an iPhone 6s for around a year and a half so it seemed like a good time to make a move. I’m going to have a full review soon but, for now, I thought I’d share my initial thoughts of the phone. I’m also testing it out on the MTN network. I’ve been on another competing network for close of 10 years so I’ll include some thoughts on the different provider in my longer more in depth piece.

However, here are some of my initial thoughts on the iPhone 8.

Design wise – it isn’t anything new

iphone 8 out the box

I stay away from the Plus models of phones because I prefer them small and easy to handle. The iPhone 8 is the perfect size. There is almost no notable differences in design when compared to the 6s. Sizing is much of the same though the 8 is considerably lighter in my hand. I also worry about the glass back. My 6s had a metallic finish but this glass looks like it can crack and scratch easily. As someone who tosses her phone in to her handbag with her house keys and lipgloss – I’m investing in covers ASAP.

The camera is mind blowing

iphone 8 out the box

I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the camera always trumped my 6s. But the iPhone 8 is easily on a par with its Android competition. The camera is awesome and I’ve actually been using it for a lot of blog shots recently. It takes really rad photos. However, in the past few days I’ve seen some pics snapped on an iPhone X and now the FOMO has hit. Despite that, I’m still super impressed with the iPhone 8.

The data question

iphone 8 out the box

Word of warning, if you’re going to grab an iPhone 8 make sure your network provider’s data offering is on point. The best part about this phone are the host of apps and extra settings you can play with to make movies, edit pictures and stay on the Apple curve (Apple is constantly updating stuff to keep your phone as fresh as possible). But it is going to mean you need a decent and affordable data plan rolling out. Keep that in mind. It is also why I’ll be interested to test out MTN’s data offering with this baby. Keen to see how the network performs.

The battery life is the best thing about this phone

iphone 8 out the box

I lived with a power bank in my handbag. Hell, I got a bag with a built in power bank to accommodate my iPhone 6s. You can throw those power banks away. The battery life on the iPhone 8 is amazing. AMAZING. I only hit 20% around 10pm at night and I start my day at 6am. I’m also a heavy user – video, photos, social media…. the battery holds up more so than any other phone I’ve tried recently. On that alone I’m already in love with this phone. Battery life is the most important thing I look for in a phone!

I’ll have a full review of the iPhone 8 for you next week but before I write that I’d love to know from you what features or questions you have around the phone so I can make sure to include them in the review? Please put them in the comments below?

Disclosure: I’ve been given an iPhone 8 to test out on the MTN network

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