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Macaroon goes tech with their summer range

I’m obsessed with Macaroon. I have been since before this blog started. They have the most beautiful personalised stationery. Every single year, around this time, they launch their new summer range and Christmas collection. It is around this time that I purchase my diary for the next year. I need a diary. It is like a weird obsession. I get the page a day ones and then every day before I start work I write out my bullet point to do list. Seriously, that’s all I use my diary for. But every year I get the exact same one from Macaroon with one of their new designs on.

It’s my thing.

pretty tech accessories

This year they’ve got their same gorgeous Christmas range out and have also introduced a new summer range (which I’ll get to in a bit) BUT my favourite part is how they’ve added a whole new tech range to the collection as well! The collection includes gorgeous new desk pads which you can add to your work station. These are great for jotting down quick notes or check if a pen is working. There is also a handful of mouse pads with fun designs from the collection available.

pretty tech accessories

My favourite though are the newly introduced vinyl tech-candy stickers. All the way back in 2015 I wrote a post called “Turn your Macaroon stickers into Laptop Decals”. I’d like to pretend the Macaroon crew took inspiration from me because they now have a range of decals for your laptop, iPad, smartphones and the like. Which are super cute. I love added stickers to my tech so these are ideal.

Remember how I mentioned the new summer range?

pretty tech accessories

Here’s something I love about Macaroon. Every year they change up the designs on offer. So there’s always a fun new collection of designs and patterns to choose from. For 2018 there’s a jungle theme for those of you wanting to enjoy toucans, flamingos, bright banana leaves and the like. I’m pretty partial to these designs and have chosen my personalised diary with the Eden theme. I’m obsessed with the yellow and pale pink mixes. But if jungle isn’t your style then you’ll love “Macaroon In Bloom” which mixes up bright florals.

pretty tech accessories

Macaroon has an online store so you can shop, personalise your items and purchase them without having to leave your desk. I’ve already ordered my diary!

If you had to choose between “Eden” design or the “Macaroon In Bloom” which would you choose? 



  • Reply Karen Muller October 30, 2017 at 12:42

    argh! sooo pretty!!!!

    • Reply Sam Wright October 30, 2017 at 16:52

      I’m seriously obsessed! Haha

  • Reply Pauline November 2, 2017 at 09:14

    Where’s your affiliate link so that I can go order some prettiness? Thank you for sharing!

    • Reply Sam Wright November 7, 2017 at 07:24

      No affiliate link unfortunately. But still go order the prettiness!

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