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Checking In For Flights Is Going To Get A Whole Lot Easier

If you fly, you know what a hassle checking in for your flights can be. You already have to get to the airport hours before your flight to make it through security on time. The check-in process adds another considerable amount of time, especially if you run into long lines. Online check in isn’t much easier. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I log in to check in online and have to supply a trillion reference numbers, flight details and the like before you can check in. 

Fortunately, checking in at the airport is about to get much easier. Why? Delta recently changed their check-in process with their new mobile app, and, if it’s successful, other airlines will likely follow suit.

Mobile Check-In

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It’s true. The standard check-in process is a thing of the past — at least for Delta passengers. Delta’s new app allows passengers to toggle between multiple flights and check in right from their phones.

Using the app to check in is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is open the app 24 hours before your scheduled flight. This automatically checks you in to your trip. It’s a simple strategy that makes the process much less time-consuming. No need to input a host of details and run through a million questions. 

So far, Delta is the only airline that uses this approach. However, other carriers are experimenting with different types of features. If Delta’s new sign-in method is a success, other airlines will likely to start using similar processes. What might happen if other carriers create their version of the check-in feature? And how would that make passengers’ lives more convenient?

Think of the Possibilities

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With this novel feature now out, how will other airlines respond? The answer to this lies in looking at other trends throughout history. No matter what the direction may be, what happens when a particular idea becomes popular? People copy.

Eventually, other airlines will end up copying the strategy implemented by Delta. They will likely put their own spin on it but base their approaches on Delta’s design.

As more of these competing apps and check-in features began to emerge, who will end up being the dominant airline? Only time can answer this question.

Although airlines may look to copy this new feature, customers’ reaction to it will ultimately decide if it catches on.

It Puts the Passengers First

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This new check-in method may potentially pave the way for a host of brand-new customer convenience strategies. If more companies begin to implement the types of features available in the Delta app, customers have a lot to look forward to across the industry. Other airlines will make it easier to not only check-in but will also work on other areas of their service. After all, they want to be the number one airline in the world.  

Making flying more convenient for customers is critical to running a successful airline, and this app is designed to meet customers’ needs and make the process of flying easier on them. This feature could potentially lead to sweeping changes related to customer interaction and comfort for airlines.

By taking advantage of the capabilities of modern technology to increase convenience for passengers, Delta just made a move other airlines need to respond to. Especially with all the frustration people feel when it comes to flying, Delta has a leg up on the competition for a while. Let’s hope this one rolls out to South Africa soon! 


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