Canon 200D Review

The Canon EOS 200D – great for aspiring photographers but not YouTubers

I’m head over heels in love with my Canon G7 x Mark ii. It is my vlogging camera and YouTube companion. I cannot imagine doing anything without it. I’m properly obsessed. But there are a stack of Canon cameras dropping and I figured it was time to expand my horizons a bit and test out a few in the range. Before my Mark ii I used a Nikon DSLR. I struggled to figure out how to use it and found recording video on it a complete bitch. Why am I telling you this? So you understand my point of reference when I unpack the camera I recently got to spend some time with.

Introducing the Canon EOS 200D

Canon 200D Review

This baby looks small straight out of the box. I was actually surprised by how small if I’m honest. However, courtesy of my Mark ii, I’ve also learnt that when it comes to Canon size definitely doesn’t mean a thing. The idea behind the 200D is for it to be a baby DSLR if you like. Calling it a “baby” DSLR is a bit unfair though. The Canon EOS 200D does pack one hell of a punch.

Let me throw some stats at you

Canon 200D Review

You’re looking at a Dual CMOS Pixel AF which offers up the fastest Live View Focus around. There’s a DIGIC 7 processor and it is WiFi enabled with NFC and bluetooth. The battery life is remarkable and it is compatible with most Canon lenses. The bottom line? This is a big business camera in a small body. But there is more to it than that. The 200D is designed with growth in mind, something we don’t see much of any more with tech and hardware manufacturers.

Growing up with your camera?

Canon 200D Review

The absolute beauty of the Canon EOS 200D is that you’re able to pick it up and get optimal results from it no matter if you’re a photography aficionado or absolute beginner. It is jam packed with all the tech the top shutter bugs need but also has a really easy interface that beginners can jump right in to. Remember when I told you how I struggled with my Nikon DSLR? It was because I was completely new to cameras and just had no clue how any of it worked. None of it made sense and I did not know what all the fancy features meant. The 200D fixes that with a really simple beginner’s interface. The touch screen menu is so step forward and it is filled with tips and advice as you go along. Want to blur the background of a photo? It will show you how. Want to get better light, it will tell you how. The interface gets rid of all the tech talk and just simplifies photography.

So if you start out with big aspirations of quitting your day job to be a full time instagrammer, this camera is ideal. You’ll learn with it and grow. As you grow you’ll be able to navigate the multitude of features available so you’ll never have to upgrade your camera. That’s what I want in any piece of tech so I give it three cheers for awesomeness.

But YouTubers, don’t get too excited

Canon 200D Review

This camera takes gorgeous photos and is so easy to use BUT, I wouldn’t get it if you are planning to go the video recording route. While is does offer the option to shoot in 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 fps it has a few niggles that I, and many other YouTubers, aren’t going to dig. It can continuously adjust focus during filming. Great for some, not so great for most who talk to a camera and move around a lot. There is also an auto focus recording. My Mark ii does that. Only I found the EOS 200D does exactly what my Nikon used to do and the microphone picks up the focus motor. It screws up your videos completely. You need auto focus during recording but if that motor sound comes through it sucks.

If you’re an aspiring photographer don’t hesitate and grab this baby. The Canon EOS 200D is divine and the image quality is sublime. It will set you back about R7000 which is fair for a camera of this level. If your goal is to make it big on YouTube then the Mark ii is your friend. I have another review of the EOS M10 on the blog soon. Wait for that one! 

Disclosure: I was sent the Canon EOS 200D to play with. It is a review model so it goes back now 😉

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