Hugh Hefner accidentally helped invent what?!?

I’m a huge animal fluffy creature fan. So you can imagine my excitement when I watched the new Star Wars trailer and saw a porg. It’s time for Jar Jar Binks and Chewey to step aside because there’s a new Star Wars cutie in town that has also become the perfect meme. You can now also own a faceless robot cat, which seems more creepy than cute, but who am I to judge. This week I’m bringing you some cute and creepy (Hugh Hefner) internet news.

Watch the video below for a quick update and scroll down for more info and extra bytes. 🙂



The new Star Wars trailer came out and the porg is now the perfect meme. Fun fact: baby porgs are called porglets.

But why not sit back, relax and smell the coffee that you can make in an R2D2 French press.

Available from ThinkGeek for US$39.99 (R545).

A robot faceless cat like plushy is here to calm you down

Simply stroke Qoobo and the faceless plushy will react and you get healed (according to the website). Choose from two colours, husky grey or french brown. It’s meant to act like a cat so think of it as a robot faceless plushy.


Google Pixel Buds can translate in real time

No ablo Espanol? No problem! Pixel Buds from Google not only last for 24 hours on a single charge but translate languages in real time. At just under R2200 this could mean that language translators will be screaming “They took our jobs!”.

google pixel buds

Trolling Neil DeGrass Tyson


Here’s a fun fact that will blow your mind

Playboy unexpectedly helped create the Jpeg. Read that again: Hugh Hefner helped create the image file standard we use today. The story goes as follows:

A photo from an issue of a 1972 Playboy magazine was used as a test image. The subtle shot eventually became one of the most widely used test images for image processing algorithms. The model, Lena Soderberg, is now widely known as the “First Lady of the Internet.”

ICYMI: Platform Crocs are a thing now 

Platform crocs are here & it’s the end of the world as we know it

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