My ESL African Championship adventure at rAge 2017 – free stuff & where to find me

Friends, today rAge 2017 kicks off. It is going to be a crazy busy weekend for me because I’m the ESL correspondent/behind the scenes interviewer for the ESL African Championship which is taking place at the expo and bought to you by Kwese. It is going to be a huge affair. I’ve just come back from rehearsals and the stage is so damn rad. rAge looks amazing this year and I’m so honoured to be part of a broadcast team that is set to rock your socks off.

I’ll be doing interviews in stream with the semi finalists for CSGO and Hearthstone. However, I have a stack of other stuff I’ll be up to so I thought I’d put it all in once place in case you wanted to come say hi or hang out.

Where to find me at rAge 2017


Chances are if you want to come say hi then you’ll likely find me around the ESL African Championship stage. This is right by the food court so you won’t miss it. I’ll be in the vicinity roaming around and potentially have a camera crew with me. If you see me PLEASE come say hi.

I’ll have a STACK of Razer merch on me at all times for the brave souls who come for a chat.

Talking about Razer – I’ll also be on their stand!


I’m going to TRY be at the Razer booth every day at 11am to do some giveaways and jam some Injustice 2 with you. So if you want to come play some games be sure to pop past. Again, this is completely dependent on my ESL schedule, but where I can I definitely want to come play with you. So be sure to pop past. I’ll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

I’m also going to be making an appearance at the Incredible Connection stand to represent Razer at 3pm on Saturday. If you want to find out a bit more about what I do and who I am (as well as win AWESOME Razer prizes) this is where you’ll find me.

Media things


If you aren’t able to spot me on the rAge floor – never fear. I’m on TUKS fm either on Friday or Saturday so be sure to follow me on Twitter where I’ll let you know when I go live on air. I’ll ALSO be on 5fm on Saturday morning for a special edition of #GamerGlitch with CuppaJT. Likely around 9am so tune in!

Get full vlog recaps every day


While at rAge I’ll be trying to do a daily behind the scenes vlog on my YouTube channel. If you want to keep up with the action be sure to subscribe. I’ve already got my first day up which is a behind the scenes look at rAge during rehearsals as well as a sit down chat with my hero Lauren Pansy Scott. You can watch that here:

Most importantly, if you want to see all the ESL African Championship action then be sure to watch it right here. Whether at home or at the Dome this is going to be an epic showing of Esports action. I CANNOT WAIT!

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