smart toothbrush oclean

A smart toothbrush called Oclean is something you should back

I get sent a lot of emails about Indiegogo campaigns. People always have some weird tech innovation they’re pretty sure I’d love but, they usually haven’t developed it yet. For the most part they need the funding and thus the Indiegogo campaign. Sometimes I’ll write about them, cause they seem kind of rad. Other times I’ll toss some money in the pot in the hope that they come to life and I can be one of the first to get my hands on the awesomeness (remember this camera bag?). And now, for the first time – I can tell you that I actually got sent a working prototype of the product currently listed on Indiegogo and it is AMAZEBALLS.

It also happens to be a toothbrush

smart toothbrush oclean

The Oclean One is a sonic toothbrush and pretty damn rad. It arrived in a clean white box that mimicked the one I once received an Apple Watch in. It looked really premium and on opening the box and being greeted by a plastic container and toothbrush neatly packed with the necessary charging equipment below – I was impressed. This device looks premium and on taking it out the box it is really clear that a lot of thought and time has gone in to the aesthetics. It is a beautiful toothbrush and I honestly never thought I’d say that about a toothbrush. I also prefer it to other electric toothbrushes I’ve seen. It has a longer handle and more streamlined design which I think will lead to a cleaner experienced all round. Electric toothbrushes I’ve used in the past tend to just be a messy affair. Fine when it is plastic but not rad when you have an electric device.

Now in to the tech stuff

smart toothbrush oclean

This isn’t your usual electric toothbruth. The Oclean has a built in gyroscope which detects motion, angle and pressure. It feeds this data to the app which analyses it for you and puts it into helpful information you can understand. Oh yeah, there’s an app – one for Android and another for iOS. The app connects with the toothbrush and determines the best cleaning plans based on your age, gender, eating habits and the like. There are also a host of preset options including:

  • Robust Whitening
  • Sensitive Cleaning
  • Standard Whitening
  • Standard Cleaning
  • Gum Care
  • Sugary Diet Cleaning
  • Gestation Period Cleaning
  • Braces Cleaning
  • Robust Cleaning
  • Strong Whitening
  • Strong Cleaning
  • Starters Cleaning

You can also tailor your cleaning options based on your brushing technique. Oclean has 3 modes: cleaning, whitening and massage with 4 intensity settings. That gives you 12 combinations and a stack of various time modes. So you can really ensure a specialised programme best suited to you.

smart toothbrush oclean

I hate electric toothbrushes because I always forget to charge them. The Oclean is fast charging and the battery lasts for on average 60 days. It is honestly the coolest toothbrush. I’m still trying it out but I’m obsessed. And by this point, you should be too. Also this baby came from Hong Kong. The Oclean folk had it to me within 3 days. That is pretty impressive. So no need to stress about shipping. You can get your own brush by backing the Kickstarter on Indiegogo, for $149 you’ll grab your own brush as well as a host of amazing extras. Go check out the campaign here and tell me you don’t want one as well?

Disclosure: I was sent an Oclean to try out and I love it! 

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