The internet reacts to the iPhoneX

We skipped spring and went straight into summer. I’ve already had two iced coffees this week and we’re only in September. Ice coffee season usually starts at the end of October. My point is that it is hot in herrrrrrr. This week Apple released their new stuff but what got everyone talking was the iPhoneX, I learn a new abbreviation (you might too) and found out about a temporary tattoo printer. I’ve put it all together in Bytesized for you! Take a read:

Best reactions to the iPhoneX

I don’t like it when new devices make me choose between them and my avo toast for breakfast, and at R20k a pop, this gets personal.

And while facial recognition technology has its advantages, Apple probably didn’t think of this.

Animoji uses your facial features in emoji form so that you can send annoying messages to your friends.

There will be so many firsts with animoji. Breakups, drunk messages, being fired….


I had no idea what this meant. No freaking clue. And today I finally got the answer.

Star Wars themed kettle bells soon to become door stoppers

Onnit have released a Star Wars fitness range. Think Hans Solo yoga mats, Darth Vader kettle bells, The Death Star medicine balls and more.


2 tweets that made me LOL this week

A tall glass of Oros with ice on a hot day is #lifegoals. Here are some tweets I’m still giggling about.

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No regets: temporary tattoo printer

Tramp stamps, dolphins, Chinese symbols, infinity sign + feather combo, etc. could all have been avoided if we had this temporary tattoo printer around. You can design your own tattoo and then it prints the design onto your skin. Prinker lasts for up to 3 days and washes off with soap. Watch the video below to see it in action.

If you’d like to spend a few minutes looking at ugly tattoos, then click here. You won’t be disappointed. 


ICYMI: here’s last week’s edition of Bytesized

Where’s Wally gets an upgrade

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