bluetooth speaker review

The DreamWave Harmony II Bluetooth speaker – my new outside best friend

You’ve probably never heard of DreamWave before. Fair. They’re a new name to the sound market but have already cemented their place with some of their speaker offerings. I was impressed when the DreamWave landed at my door. The packaging was high end and pretty. The DreamWave Harmony II speaker straight out the box is really a sexy thing.

bluetooth speaker review

DreamWave offers a few outdoor options. While the Harmony II isn’t splash proof I imagine it would fit in well on some outside patio furniture. The brushed aluminium finish with leather bottoms and tops gives it a rugged yet premium feel. It is a heavy beast though. I prefer lighter speakers that are easier to transport around. The speaker itself requires grubby hands on it to move it from A to B. Unless you use the velvet carry case it comes with. But that isn’t going to stop fingers on it to get it in and out of the pouch. I’d have preferred some sort of carry option. While the shape is uber artistic it needs a firm hand grip around the speaker.

bluetooth speaker review

I’m knit picking though. It is a beautifully crafted gadget. You know what a wireless bluetooth speaker is so I don’t need to explain that to you. The DreamWave Harmony II blew me away when it came to battery power. I charged it once during the review period and never again. According to the marketing blurbs the battery lasts up to 20 hours. I blasted it a couple hours a day and never had to bother about recharging. I like this. There is nothing worse than having to constantly recharge your Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is impressive. Crisp and clean audio. It lacked a bit on the base but for the most part I was really impressed with the quality.

bluetooth speaker review

Two issues for me: the first is the weight. The Harmony II is a bit clunky and I didn’t like that. The second is the built in mic. I hate receiving calls that go through to the speaker but more so when the person on the other side can hear everything until I switch them over to my phone. But again, giant knitpick. This speaker has a clean simple design and clean sound – which is really all you want. It is going to cost you R2795 though, so keep that in mind. Premium Bluetooth Speakers don’t come cheap any more friends.

bluetooth speaker review

Disclaimer: I was sent a DreamWave Harmony II Bluetooth Speaker to review. You know the drill, it goes back now. 


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