Cuphead game to watch for

Get Excited For Cuphead

Can you remember how it felt the very first time you watched a cartoon as a kid?

Because I can.

I remember feeling like I had just discovered this whole new world, a world where anything and everything was possible, where logic came to die and where imagination was born. Cartoons were almost definitely my gateway drug into this wonderful world of comics and gaming that I find myself in today, and that feeling I first got? It never changed.

Cuphead game to watch for

The main problem is that when you reach a certain age, your worlds stop colliding.  You still get cartoons and games that will remind you of your childhood, but since the death of TV games, very seldom will you find something that brings together both of them. I honestly can not tell you the last time I played any game that gave me the same feeling that baby Arielle got the first time that big black box turned on and her mind was blown forever.

Until now.

Cuphead game to watch for

What am I waffling on about you ask? Well if you haven’t already guessed from the title, or the pictures, I’m talking about Cuphead.

Cuphead is an upcoming ‘shoot-em-up’ action platformer, and it looks like this:

Modeled after and drawn in the style of beloved 1930s Cartoons, Cuphead is that collision I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Cuphead game to watch for

You control the title character, Cuphead.  You’ve lost a bet with the devil (as one does) and now you’re attempting to repay said bet by fighting and defeating boss after boss after boss (and no, I’m not exaggerating, the devs have planned to take the Guinness world record for the number of boss battles in a ‘shoot-em-up’ style platformer game). You can embark on this adventure all alone or with one of your friends who takes on the part of Mugman. It’s the first game from StudioMDHR, which consists of two brothers who started working on Cup Head way back in 2010 already, and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s definitely not their last.

But that’s enough of me talking about Cuphead, here is the trailer so you can see the magic for yourself:

Cuphead is basically your favorite childhood arcade game, with your favorite old cartoons look, that you can enjoy from your favorite chair on your PC or Xbox One… and I for one can not wait.

But now I want to hear from you, has any game hit you with the nostalgia stick recently? Will you be trying out Cuphead end of next month? Let me know in the comments below.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a preorder to go put through… Steam, take all my money!

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