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A few months ago I got a bunch of fancy business cards designed and printed. I’d lost count of the number of times people had asked me for a card. So I printed all the cards and then…. constantly forget to take them to things. So I’m still stuck in the same place I found myself to begin with.

Which is why I really dig the idea behind KnektMe. This new app is a way to carry a virtual business card with you at all times and share. Before, when I forgot my cards, I’d tend to input my phone number into someone’s smartphone. But I don’t think this works. By the time they’ve got home from the event they’ve likely forgotten my name and aren’t going to find it in a sea of contacts.

KnektMe App

KnektMe allows two users in the same vicinity to add each other’s details and “mini” CVs. You’re able to add connections but you can also use the app to scan a room when you arrive. Other app users in the room will show up and you’ll be able to find out a bit more about them almost immediately. I imagine for those looking to network or get funding for the next big idea, this is the perfect app. They can scan a room quickly and determine who they need to be speaking to.

For me? I’m more excited to use it to remember people’s names.

KnektMe App

I have this terrible habit of forgetting people’s names. I remember their faces, I know we’ve met, I know we’ve probably spoken on email about something but for the life of me I can’t remember their names. I’d be able to use KnektMe to quickly do a once over of a room and jog my memory. This makes it easier to do introductions but I also then don’t feel like a bit of a wanker when I cannot address someone by name.

Best part? It is South African

KnektMe App

KnektMe is a South African developed app. The developer, Carl Visagie, originally created the app with entrepreneurs and start ups in mind. It would allow for a budding investment hunter to scan a room on arrival at various networking events – identifying key players to chat to. There’s a host of other uses for KnektMe as well including recruiters looking for potential job candidates. I think there are a host of options available with this app and it has great potential to offer up a few more uses we might not even know yet!

Obviously it only works if people in your spot have the app, so hopefully this takes off because it will definitely save me some costs on printing more business cards!

You can download the app for Android here.

IOS users can click here to download.

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