Two words: Face Dance

A friend showed me a video of someone doing Face Dance at work and I was like is this real and immediately hit the Google machine. The Google Play store didn’t disappoint. Face Dance is real. 

It’s like Guitar Hero or Just Dance, but for your face.

Face Dance Challenge is an app that has a name that describes itself perfectly. Face Dance is dancing for your face. Using your camera, the app prompts you to pull certain faces and if you do it correctly, then you get points. Plus you can share the video with your friends or new Tinder matches.

Here is my video of my Face Dance attempt. Warning: this ain’t pretty and should not be used as a scare tactic to discipline kids.

This is a great way to pass the time while taking an Uber. The driver had no idea what I was doing… probably thought I was going on a selfie snap binge.

You can also upload your own songs.

[Tweet ” Forget the Walk Off, say hello to a new way of settling things #FaceDance”]

Get Face Dance now (it’s available on iOS and Android!) Click on a button below.

download face dance on the app store

download face dance from google play

Face Dance is also available for your PC, for when you need a break at work.

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