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My favourite accessories for my iPhone

For women’s month I had a gift arrive from the iStore. It was a hamper of great new accessories specifically for iPhone. There were three stand outs for me so I thought I’d share them with you. I’m obsessed with these three. They’re gorgeous so I’ve mentioned them below for you to take a look at. If one of these stand out for you let me know in the comments below. I still cannot decide my favourite.

First on the list:

The MIPOW Power Tube 3000

mipow power tube

The Power Tube works hand in hand with an app to help you not only charge your phone but also monitor your battery usage throughout the day. The power tube is really slim and neat so it slips easily into your handbag and I love how the cables are neatly stored.

mipow power tube

You can also link the tube to the app so you can track it at any time which I love. I always lose power banks so this tracking functionality is rad! There’s also a selfie camera button on the Power Tube so I’m presuming this will allow you to set up perfect photo opportunities. Anyone else have little fingers and struggle to hit the shutter button? Me too!

TITAN [fuse]chicken

titan fuse chicken cable

I’ll let the very weird name slide for now, mainly because this charging cable is the business. It is covered in TWO layers of steel and is long. Like super long, 1 metre to be exact. My current lightning cable that travels with me is looking pretty disgusting and the ends are starting to look a bit tatty. This baby looks like it could handle A LOT. It is also pink. Which I know feeds every stereotype on the planet but I don’t care, it looks sexy as hell. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty meaning you know it will last. Now we just need them to release MacBook chargers too!



I spoke about this cute little gadget when it launched in South Africa. You can read that blog post here. Simply put – you can link it to your phone via Bluetooth. No longer will you run around your house trying to find your phone in a rush because you can track it via the Chipolo – you shake it and your phone will buzz! I lost my Chipolo during a house move a few years back so I’m super excited that I have a new one. You can add it to your car keys as a keyring. Just don’t lose those!

Any other iPhone accessories I should be adding to the list? Let me know in the comments below. 

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