Excel Esports is now a thing

If you thought your Excel skills were destined to remain locked up in your 9 to 5, then have I got news for you. I also share my favourite tweets about this week’s GoT episode and the solar eclipse, one of my favourite movies turns 10 (so does the Twitter hashtag) and more in Bytesized.

The best reaction to Game of Thrones S7E6


The Twitter hashtag turns 10

[Tweet “The most tweeted TV series is #TheWalkingDead and the most tweeted movie is #StarWars.”]

The tweet below was the first tweet to use a hashtag and can you believe the founders didn’t think it would catch on.

Superbad also celebrated its 10th birthday and if you don’t know what I’m referring to, then we can’t be friends.


Is that a typo or can you just not spell?

I remember the first English class I taught to a Junior High class. I had to write anniversary on the whiteboard and had to re write it a couple of times. Eventually I just scribbled it in cursive to cover up the vowels I didn’t know. There was no coming back after that.

3 words: Excel World Championships

Last week we found out that an emoji translator is a real job, and now this. There is an actual Excel Spreadsheet World Championship. So if pivot tables and formulas are your thing, start practicing because Excel Esports could become the next big thing.

excel meme

[Tweet “Could Excel Esports be coming to a console near you? #BytesizedZA”]

The best tweets about the #SolarEclipse


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Using emoticons in work emails makes you look incompetent

I read this a week ago and have been very careful about using the smiley face in any work emails. I’ve actually become self conscious about it.

Speaking of emoji, Android Oreo was released this week and contains over 60+ new emoji (and one of them is T-rex). To find out more about what new updates you can expect, check out 5 new updates here.

new oreo emoji

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