What does an Mercedes-AMG engine sound like to you?

A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in a pretty epic campaign. The idea behind it was simple, Mercedes-AMG was celebrating their 50th anniversary and they wanted to celebrate that incredible engine. It was a pretty obvious tie in for me because, what a lot of people don’t know, is I actually learnt to drive in an AMG!


Round about the time I was ready to start learning to drive my dad happened to have spoilt himself with a new car. A Mercedes Benz SLK AMG. As it was the only automatic car we had, he thought it was a good idea to let me give it a spin. I remember the moment of terror as I put my foot down and that engine growled to life. Within minutes the terror subsides and I remember being filled with immense joy. The thrill of hearing that engine cannot accurately be conveyed in words. It is a grumble, a roar that just feeds something in you.


To celebrate the 50 years of AMG, a bunch of familiar local faces were asked to showcase their best #AMGgrowl. I did my bit on Instagram stories this past Saturday but you’ve likely seen DJ Milkshake give it a go as well as a few others. The best part about it though? A brand new AMG S63 Coupe arrived for me to test drive. The car was meant to give me a little bit of inspiration before recording my #AMGgrowl. It did more than that. What a beast! Apparently that baby costs in excess of 3 bar and I can understand why. It is a machine on the road. That engine’s growl had me grinning from ear to ear for most of the day. I’m yet to drive a vehicle that powerful so it was a great experience. I think, for me, one of the best parts of driving the S63 AMG was the feeling of safety I experienced. I’ve never felt so confident and secure in a vehicle (especially one that powerful).

I was pretty bleak when they took her back 🙁


This was such a rad campaign and had such an emotional tie for me because of how I learnt to drive. Also Mercedes Benz has worked with the likes Casey Neistat, David Tlale and even J’Something from Mi Casa – so to be amongst some of those friends of the brand is kind of amazing. The reason for this blog post though is to tell you about the #AMGgrowl campaign and let you know that you can also get involved. All you need to do is record yourself trying to recreate that signature growl of the AMG engine. Share is on social media and use the hashtag #AMGgrowl.


If you missed my Instagram story videos – there is a Facebook teaser up and if you follow the Mercedes-Benz South Africa Instagram account you may get a chance to see a little something something soon too!


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