Do you speak emoji? There’s now a job for that

Not even a fortune cookie could have predicted that we’d one day have emoji translators. If this is a real job now, does that does mean I can add it as a skill on LinkedIn (along with sweet nunchuck skills)? But that’s not the only change, we have a new most liked tweet on the block and of course some great GoT related updates. Game of Jones is a must see!

Feeling stressed? Then this cat purring music is what you need

An emoji translator is now a real job

The next time you get asked what you want to be when you grow up, emoji translator can be added to the list. Emoji look different on different platforms, their meanings change and mistakes like this can be very bad for brands. Keith Broni beat over 500 applicants to get the translating job.

do you speak emoji
Do you speak fluent emoji?

And now for the obligatory Game of Thrones related posts… yes posts. This season of GoT keeps on getting better.

This –> Leslie Jones watching GoT with Seth Myers

The awesome Leslie Jones is a huge GoT fan and after regularly live tweeting the show, she has teamed up with Seth Myers in a new segment called Game of Jones and we get to experience her reactions. And this episode is even better because a character from the show drops in. And no it isn’t the Night King.

The most impressive capes on GoT are actually Ikea rugs

John Snow’s cape is actually a $79 Ikea rug. And Ikea released a how to, so you can take your GoT obsession to the next level. Or just buy the rug and point out this fun fact EVERY SINGLE TIME you have guests over.

And the most liked tweet ever is…



The most RT tweet still goes to this guy who really like chicken nuggets

And now for something related to RTs

This is one of those signs that you know is the result of people waking the quokka up or letting the dude know that there’s a dead rodent-like creature on the stoep (the quoakka is actually a marsupial).



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