BMW 4 Series Convertible

But do I need a convertible? The new BMW 4 Series

I’ve never really seen the pull of convertibles if I’m honest. Yeah, maybe for a 20 minute drive in summer it might be fun to drive along a road with the top down and the wind through your hair. But other than that I’m like “blagh”.

Until I drove the new BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series Convertible

The BMW 4 Series Convertible is the sexiest car I’ve driven. I was invited to the press launch for the new 4 Series and have a vlog coming soon so make sure you subscribe to the YouTube Channel. You’ll get to see a lot more of the car in there. But for now I thought I’d give you some initial thoughts on the convertible. My driving partner and I jumped into an incredible 440i blue beast (apparently this colour is known as Snapper Rocks Blue) with white leather seating, dropped the top and headed off to explore.

It also happened to be the middle of Winter

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Obviously my immediate concern was: we’re going to freeze. But the car is designed in such a way that even with the top down you feel toasty warm in the aerodynamic bubble. It also helped having hot air heaters on the back of your neck. The car was an absolute beast to drive but the convertible element made it far more sexier to me.

Let’s get in to the details

BMW 4 Series Convertible

As you climb into the car the incredible detailing of the centre console and dashboard catches your eye. It is beautifully finished and screamed luxury at me which I always love in a vehicle. The white leather in the blue 4 series was sexy as hell but isn’t something I’d actively seek out (can you imagine the coffee spills), so it is helpful that you have a rather big variety to choose from in terms of customising the car. I also loved the basic front console tech in the 4 Series. It really is a clean and simple set up with a touch screen. You’re able to easily start using the tech straight away and the 4 Series offers up many of the BMW ConnectedDrive features I’ve become a fan of. There are restyled LED Headlights on the car and new LED rear lights. Why is this important? I think they just change the entire look and feel of the car and really turn it into something sexy.

There’s also far more space than I expected. Obviously with a convertible there is a bit of a problem with the boot because the roof needs to fold up there. But when the top is up you’ve got ample luggage space. Even though the 440i was a two door the back seat was still super spacious (I know because I posed for photos in the back of that baby). I’ve always thought  convertible wasn’t a practical car, but suddenly after a few hours with the 440i convertible my brain started to shift.

But how does it drive?

BMW 4 Series Convertible

It is a beast. The 440i 4 Series roars on the road and terrified me at times. You’re in a constant power struggle and the car has the ability to take over at any time. It is too much vehicle for me but I thoroughly enjoyed the 430i. With the top down it was still so quiet being housed in the car and it felt more like I was floating on the road as opposed to driving on it (may be the suspension updates, who knows). It handled well around corners and, here is the cracker, I felt safe. I felt secure in the car and drove far more braver than I’d usually drive because I knew the car would take care of me. Weird right? It was the first time I’ve felt like that in any car never mind a test vehicle and I was definitely suitably impressed.

The new BMW 4 Series Convertible is suddenly a car I want. I’m not settling down to have kids any time soon, I’m on the road far less now that I’m self employed and I think it is a vehicle I’d enjoy driving. That convertible stole my heart and I’m completely obsessed with it. If you’re smart, successful and looking for a sexy ride to help clear your head between meetings – it is the car for you.

The entry level 420i Convertible (automatic) comes in at R736 200 while the manual is R715 400…. I’m tempted.

Disclosure: I was flown to Limpopo for the day by BMW to test drive the new 4 Series range 

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