dulux colour of the year

The Working Home Trend


The first time I heard about the colour of the year from Dulux I was in London, sitting in a serious work meeting. Someone mentioned Cherished Gold and how Dulux had incorporated it into a host of trends that not only changed up your walls but revitalised your living spaces completely. Curiosity got the better of me and I immediately googled. I’ve now become hooked to this yearly release. It starts with a colour but leads into a host of trends. At least one will appeal to you and resonate with your own space.

Which is where the Working Home Trend comes in

dulux colour of the year

You’ll remember a few weeks ago I was testing out the Dulux Visualizer App and had got it into my head that it was time to change up my space and make it more “work” friendly. I planned to bring in a new dining room table that would work as a more appropriate desk with greater space during the day. The table has been purchased but it was time to decide on the paint. The problem was I had far too many options available to me and tones that I could potentially utilise. So I started searching the various 2017 trends to gain some direction.

The whole point behind the table decoration is because I’m now working from home and want to have a space that still feels like home, but also work. So imagine how stoked I was to find out that the Working Home Trend was a staple feature in the Dulux 2017 Colour of the year announcement? 

dulux colour of the year

Designer Marieke Wielinga really summed up the conundrum I found myself in: we’re all looking for a more balanced way of living and working. My home has become my office and vice versa. So I need a place to work at home that still feels like home and less like an office. The Working Home trend is basically a palette of incredible colours that are rich and beautiful to allow you to create an inspiring face that doesn’t have the clinical feel of an office. 

The final decision

dulux colour of the year

According to the trend, contrasting colours are the best tools. So I worked through the palette available and opted for two specific colours that contrast, but also create a fluid space. Using the Dulux Visualizer App, I was able to determine a darker finish for the top of the table making it an all business type feel but still allowing it to flow into my lounge area (My colour selections for reference – Dulux colour: 67YR56/055). So the rectangular shape of colour on the table designates the work space, but allows for a soft flow into the lounge area.

I’m scared!

dulux colour of the year

I’ve never tried this home decorating thing before. I’m pretty terrified if I’m honest because I’m really going out of my comfort zone to paint this table and try create a more fluid space to work in. I’ll obviously be taking you along for the journey and there will be a YouTube video up next week.

What do you think of the Working Home trend? Something you’d want to try in your home? 


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