Possibly the best picture on the internet right now

Just when I thought I’d beaten the flu, I got bronchitis. I’m totally dancing the collapse but nothing a bit of rest, broth, strong meds and internet funnies can’t fix.

This week Microsoft almost killed MS Paint (I said almost, calm down), take a look at the best picture on the internet right now (it rocks like Stonehenge), give your wardrobe a Star Wars makeover, find out which app everybody loves but never uses, check out the mandatory Game of Thrones post and more.

RIP MS Paint

I remember when we first got a computer MS Paint was all that and a bag of chips. Microsoft first announced that it would be killing off MS Paint but after public outcry, they said it will still be available for download if nostalgia ever hits.

RIP MS Paint
I haven’t used Paint in ages. Here’s my ode to Paint.

Star Wars work wear is here

I’ve never worked in corporate and part of that reason is because I’d have to wear heels and dress sort of fancy. I’m a flat shoe wearer and am always dressed comfortably.

I think a lot of this has to do with my first job as a teacher in Taiwan, where we could wear jean shorts, slops and our school T-shirt as work attire with no makeup.

But this new Star Wars collection could change my opinion. I’d totally wear a Star Wars blazer. To view the entire collection, visit Think Geek. 

star wars work wear

Probably one of the best pictures on the internet right now

These guys rock. I’ll stop now.

ICYMI: Last week’s Bytesized takes a look at sweaters for drones

Game of Thrones truth

We’re only two episodes in, but I have seen this many times. Also who hurt you that you haven’t watched an episode yet? S-h-a-m-e!


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And the award for your favourite app that you never use goes to…

I found this thread on Product Hunt and wondered which apps would make the list. Apps that made my list include Reddit (the front page of the internet) and Anchor (audio twitter).

  1. Duolingo, the language app
  2. Headspace, the meditation app
  3. Pocket, the bookmarking app

Which apps would make your list?

[Tweet “What’s your favourite app that you never use but still keep on your phone? #BytesizedZA”]

Instagram copies Snapchat again  (sort of)

First Instagram introduced stories and in April it actually hit 200m Instagram story users, surpassing Snapchat. Then came face filters and now you can add InstaMaps.

But before you get angry, note that this is not an official Instagram product. Currently only available on iOS. 

iPhone Screenshot 1

I’ve really been getting into creating and watching Instagram stories. If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to, follow me on Instagram @galoobzzz.


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