Sweaters for drones exist now and I can’t even

Last week Friday I had a day off and was so excited except for the fact that I woke up with a cold. It got really bad on Tuesday and Wednesday but I’m over the worst of it. Now I get to deal with chapped lips and a peeling nose. Winter is here good and proper  and guess what even drones need to keep warm. Scroll down to see what a drone sweater looks like. I obviously also bring you some Game of Thrones action and we take a look at millennials.

Because drones need clothes too

My sibling once sent me a picture of a horse in a onesie. This picture right here is amazing. I think you can create a onesie for anything. And these guys have done just that…sort of. Introducing drone sweaters. 

horse onesie

Drone sweaters (or jerseys) will cost you about $189 (R2400).  Or you can DIY one by buying an old school cardigan from a thrift store, get some duct tape and use your imagination.

drone sweater

Everything you need to know about being a millennial

My favourite spiritual guru, JP has a new video which sums up sh&% millennials say. If you haven’t watched any of his videos yet, take a look at How to become gluten intolerant. 

[Tweet “I like their online personas more…so I don’t associate with them in person anymore #Millennial”]

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Speaking of millennials…

There’s a new most watched YouTube video in town

That annoying song you love to hate, Despacito has 2.6bn views while Gangnam Style has 2.9bn views. And the number one video? That goes to Wiz Kalifa and Charlie Puth.


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The internet reacts to Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones

Sometimes the internet has zero chill.

[Tweet “Pornhub saw a 4.5% drop in traffic during the Game of Thrones premiere #Funfact”]

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