Free Yoga workouts

Free Yoga workouts on your phone

Apparently Yoga is good for the soul. I wouldn’t know though because I’ve actually never tried it. I worry that I have the flexibility of a plank and the soul searching centre I imagine you’re supposed to have of a small awkward human just exiting his mom’s… well you know.

Free Yoga workouts

I’ve always been way to terrified to even try Yoga in a public space for fear of embarrassing myself properly. However, the perks to Yoga from a fitness point of view are rather obvious. So I’m keen to give it a go. And now I don’t need to do it in a public space where people can laugh hysterically. Instead, the free Nike+ Training Club app has introduced Yoga workouts for you to try out.

Yoga anywhere

Free Yoga workouts

I’ve spoked about the Nike+ Training Club app before so you probably already know that you can get workouts to your phone that will allow you to reach your fitness goals without dropping a fortune on personal trainers or fancy fitness guides. Now there will be yoga workouts included with routines varying in length. Anything from a 15 min warm up to 45 minutes. It is up to you.

Free Yoga workouts

The workouts are structured to assist in building endurance, strength and mobility. They were formulated with Nike Master Trainers and yogis giving input. Nike Master Trainers are personal trainers that do NTC workouts and travel around the world to help the likes of you and me reach a new potential and get moving.

How it works

Free Yoga workouts

You’ll obviously need the app but then you’re able to choose your workout based on the time you have to get it done, what type of workout you want (so what areas of your fitness you want to focus on) and your level (so beginner versus advanced). I also like that you’re able to select whether you’re doing another activity like running to it can compliment that – like help you stretch or warm you up before you workout. If you have the app, just search “yoga”. Easy as! There are four new workouts now on and there will be 10 more rolling out in the next 3 months.


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