Fitbit Alta HR Review

A new Fitbit! But do you need it? The Fitbit Alta HR

Off the bat, you know I dig the Fitbit Alta. I’ve waxed lyrical about it so many times I’ve lost count. Like, it has popped up on this blog a minimum of 3 times. I’m pretty sure more. I love mine. So when the Fitbit Alta HR arrived I wasn’t really all that sure as to why I would want it. Why would I replace my beloved Alta for another if all it brings to the table is a heart rate monitor?

But then I spent a few days with this baby and I changed my mind.

Fitbit Alta HR Review
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It has all the things the Alta had that I loved. Here’s a recap:

  • Track your steps during the day, set step goals and use the app to connect with friends for some friendly stepping “competition”
  • Track daily activity via the band and in app to ensure you keep moving
  • Not moving? No worry. The Fitbit Alta HR will remind you to move if you’ve been sitting on your bum or standing still for too long.
  • The band automatically tacks and records exercise
  • Your smartphone notifications come to your wrist – so the Fitbit Alta HR will show you text messages and calls
  • You can track your sleep with the Fitbit Alta HR, but be warned, you might be shocked at how bad you’re sleeping! Oh dear!

Okay, so you get all of those features with the original Alta. Is the Heart Rate monitor all the new band offers? Sort of, but not really. The design is the same except for a few small tweaks. For starters, I found the tap sensors on screen much easier to navigate and offering up better response. Scrolling through stats involves tapping and pulling on the touchscreen – my Alta was way too sensitive for my liking (and sometimes not working at all).

Fitbit Alta HR Review
New PUSH Activewear cap with the Fitbit.

I also love the upgraded band. The original Alta had that push in/snap on clasp and I hated it. This has a buckle which I rather like and prefer. It is also interchangeable so you can customise the straps according to your colour or style needs.

Fitbit Alta HR Review
Juicy Couture bracelet, Pandora bracelet and Adawnment ring

Obviously the big addition is the PurePulse Heart Rate which utilises wrist-based heart rate tracking and simplified heart rate zones. I’m going to do a video soon highlighting how this works but it does make all the difference. I’ve consistently been working on upping my heart rate throughout the day to help me burn more. I realised that while I might be out walking and running, I’m not necessarily elevating my heart rate – which is a must for weight loss. So it is a big help.

Fitbit Alta HR Review
Pandora bracelet with the Fitbit.

I approve. It looks WAY sexier that the Fitbit Charge 2 in my opinion and the small tweaks and additions make all the difference. I’m ready for the upgrade. It is R1000 more expensive than the Alta but I do think it is worth the price jump. I just love the features added to this baby while still keeping it in the classic design. Definitely a win in my books.

Disclosure: I was sent a Fitbit Alta HR to review 

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