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The workplace toolkit you never knew you needed

I’ve been learning loads of new things at work this week and I while I usually hate the feeling of not knowing how to do something immediately, I’m actually enjoying the learning process. In an unrelated incident, I also almost cried at work. So it has been one of those weeks.

In light of this, this week I’ve scoured the internet and found a workplace toolkit that includes:

  • a CV that will get you the job of your dreams,
  • a new way to deal with dumb questions (and I’ll stop you right there because there is such a thing as a dumb question),
  • a bot that will inspire you and more.

work work work work

This guy updated his CV using Google autocomplete

And he’ll probably get every job ever.


cv using auto complete

A movement I can get behind

I wish I had the guts to respond to emails like this…you’d only ever have to send it once and would probably only get a one word response, which is known as the f&^% you of the corporate world, noted.

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There’s a bot that will inspire you just when you need it most

Some of these quotes really crack me up. If you’re not happy with a quote spewed out by InspiroBot, then just click generate to get a new one.

There’s probably a metaphor in life in there somewhere, but I’ll let you figure that out on your own. You can also click “mug me” to get your quote put on a mug.

inspiro bot quotes
Truer words were never spoken

The funny animal video you need to share with your co workers

Every time I see an emu IRL I get scared. Their shifty eyes mean business. This video is hilarious because a mob of emus just won’t let this family patiently waiting in their car pass. Share this with your co workers to make their day or watch it when you need a laugh at work. Also, do you think you could add a trending video to your advert if you were selling a car? I think it would get me more excited about browsing used car adverts in SA.

How to look busy so that you don’t have to do that thing you don’t want to do

Introducing Avoidting, a way to add fake but real looking appointments to your Google Calendar so that you can create time to get things done. Well that is what the website says, but I’d use it to look busy so that you can avoid unwanted social engagements and appear  like a big deal to prospective clients.


Your DJ name = DJ + your biggest fear

I recently watched The Batman LEGO movie again and it is quickly becoming one of my all time favourites. If you haven’t watched it then you’ll have no idea why the tweet below is hilarious (and modest).

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