5 gadgets to help boost your health and fitness


If you’ve followed me online for the past week or so you’ll know that I’m trying to get back on the health and fitness train. It isn’t easy when you have a pile of games to play, videos to film and work to do. But there are a few tricks and tips you can use to incorporate healthy living into your day to day life. These are my 5 gadgets to help boost your health and fitness.

The Fitbit Alta HR

Adidas UltraboostX

I’ve regularly blogged about my love for the Fitbit Alta so you’re probably well aware by now how much I love this little device. The upgrade is a trillion times better though. Well it is a heart rate monitor addition better. The PurePulse Heart Rate monitor on this baby allows you to do all the things you’d usually do with the Alta like track steps, calories and distance but also monitor your heart rate. I love the Alta because it also auto tracks when you start exercising which is great. The Heart Rate monitor is a welcome addition. I’ll have a full review on the blog soon.

The Nintendo Switch

Adidas UltraboostX

I know, you’re like – Sam you can’t have a gaming console on here. But I definitely can. The great thing about the Switch are the games like ARMS and 1 2 Switch that require you to move to play. In ARMS you have to punch and, trust me, it becomes a work out when you start trying to get ranked. 1 2 Switch has Yoga, Dance offs and a host of other games that require you to hold the controllers and MOVE. While I’m pretty sure it doesn’t automatically constitute exercise it does allow you to stay a bit active while also gaming. Which is a decent boost during the day.

The adidas Ultraboost X

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.16.16 PM

So these babies aren’t technically a gadget BUT they incorporate enough tech into them to allow them to make the list. These babies are specifically designed with women in mind and have a focus on running. I need all the help I can get with my running journey and their ARAMIS system, which incorporates motion-tracking takes into account how your foot moves. The Ultraboost X focuses on a few key points on your foot. The Dynamic Arch is my favourite. There is a very specific contour that adds support. It also helps that they look hella sexy outside of your runs as well! They retail for about R2799 and you can purchase them on the adidas ecomm store. I’m all for online shopping! 

TravWell App

Adidas UltraboostX

This great little app is ideal if you travel a lot. I’m on a trip tomorrow and while I’m staying in the confines of SA I still use this baby to load all my health information like medical aid. If you travel overseas you can use it to find out what health requirements are needed for specific countries. You can also store all your medical travel insurance information on it. Everything is in one place. We’ve featured it on the blog before if you want more information.

RAZER Hammerhead Pro V2s

Adidas UltraboostX

These are in ear gaming headphones. Noise cancelling at that. So why are they making this list? Because they’re awesome. I love my headphones. They sit really securely in my ears – which I love when running. The flat green cables just also seem far more sturdy to me and the jack is done in 90 degrees which mean you can’t pull cables if you jerk your head the wrong way on a treadmill. I never thought these babies would transition to the gym but they did and I’m so grateful. There is also a volume control on the side which is a big plus for me: no need to fiddle with your phone mid run.

So there you have it, my 5 gadgets for keeping healthy and fit. I’m by no means a gym bunny and I definitely don’t like running (I’m getting there though, it is something special when you hit a personal milestone). A few helpful additions and a really rad pair of running shoes that offer the ultimate support makes all the difference though. What gadgets and apps do you use to keep track and ensure you meet your fitness goals? Share with me in the comments below so we can give each other a boost!


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