You REALLY know you’ve nailed this adulting thing when…


My friend Fareed wrote something similar about adulting over on his blog. It is a bit more serious so go take a read when you can.

From having car insurance to getting excited about Tupperware and even tax season. Adulting: it’s all you ever wanted growing up and now that it’s here you have no idea how you’re doing. Well luckily for you, here’s a list to gauge your success (keep track of your points to see how you do at the end).

1.When you’ve got the best (insert Donald Trump voice here) car insurance

No one wants to pay a high excess (an extra point to you if you know what excess means) but you also don’t want to cry every time you see a debit order go off for car insurance.

So if you’ve got car insurance that decreases your premiums every month and offers insurance coverage for only R1 on other important adult stuff like your hipster bike without the gears, then you can say you pretty much piss excellence when it comes to adulting.

adulting car insurance

Bonus: You know the price of petrol and listen to the news for the sole purpose of finding out when the price drops.

2.When you get excited about Tupperware

Of course you need an avo-shaped container for your avos. You have an unusual unhealthy amount of love for your containers. So much so that you’ve almost ruined a good friendship because of non-returned Tupperware.

adulting tupperware

3. When you haven’t been to “da club” in years & hang out at fancy restaurants instead

And by fancy restaurants you mean the type that ask if you’d like some water for the table, where they don’t sing to you when it’s your birthday and have fabric serviettes that a waiter puts on your lap. That kind of fancy.

adulting fancy

4.When you’re actually happy it’s tax season

You know that if you’ve done your calculations right, you are getting cash back. Ka ching! And doing your own efiling makes you feel like you could be an accountant or something.

5.When your friends cancel plans

And you’re happy because now it’s just you, the couch, some ice cream and binge watching your favourite series.

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6.When you drink enough water

You actually feel like a champ when your drink your 2l a day (even though an app reminds you to drink a glass every hour). Could you be a contender for those 30 Under 30 lists? Probably.

7. When buying new linen, you check the thread count & it must be 500 or higher

First you know that Egyptian cotton is the Beyonce of linen in terms of thread count, and that ain’t nobody got time for a low thread count. Sleep is important and good quality sleep even more so.

adulting thread count

Bonus: You work out what time you need to go to bed so that you ALWAYS get your 8 hours.

8. When you’ve uttered phrases like “when I was young” or “the youth of today” on more than one occasion

adulting when I was young

Bonus: You can’t believe how some parents let their teens go out dressed like that (I’m talking about the short shorts and crop tops).

How’d you do?

Add up your points and check where you fit in the Adulting Scale of Success (I’m going to trademark that). Then share the love and tweet your score. The meme will also be included in your tweet. It’s almost like you’ve won a prize or something. Almost.

Adulting Fail  (Score: 1-4 points)

While you may be in your 20’s or 30’s, you’re still trying to find your big girl panties when it comes to adulting.

adulting fail

[Tweet “I got adulting fail. Go me. Think you can do better? pic.twitter.com/kIq4hJ8qNE”]

Adulting Award (Score: 5-7 points)

Congrats on winning the adult award for that grown up thing you did. You’re not quite sure how, but every now and again you win at adulting.

adulting award

[Tweet “I just won an adulting award for that grown up thing I did. Can you? pic.twitter.com/jADTIMzEsT”]

Adulting Ninja (Score: 8+ points)

You know being an adult is a like folding a fitted sheet, in that no one knows how BUT you totally know how. You mastered that skill a while ago and sometimes even use it as pick up a line.

adulting ninja

[Tweet “I can fold a fitted sheet. Adulting level: ninja. Can you? pic.twitter.com/6aOGEJRMcr”]

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