ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer

The ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer – the one gadget every traveling girl needs

I’ve been jetsetting around a lot lately. When I started this blog I was the least girly girl you’d ever meet but my line of work has changed. Being on an Esports stage hosting or in front a camera doing YouTube has made me painfully aware that I need to put effort into things I previously considered silly like hair and make up. The make up thing is still a giant struggle but I’ve been lucky with my hair. For starters I only go to the incredible crew at XOXO Hair Studio. Nicho, my stylist, convinced me to get extensions just before my trip to New York last year. I thought he was insane. They took a lot of getting used to but added so much volume to my hair and it makes it look much better on camera or stage.

ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer
My three must have travel items 😉

I’m also able to have a lighter colour without damaging my hair. The one thing that becomes a frustration with extensions is drying your hair – because suddenly I have so much more of it. This sounds so silly but it is the truth. I have thin hair so it used to take around 10 minutes to blow dry it completely. Now it takes 20 minutes. Which is a mission. Also, while in New York I realised the giant flaw in the extensions situation – hotel hairdryers are horrific. You play roulette with those hot air blowing monsters and never know what you’re going to get.

I have a gorgeous ghd hair dryer that works like a charm but it also takes up a huge amount of space in my luggage.

ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer

Which is why the ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer is an absolute must have in my bags when I go anywhere and probably ideal for you as well if you travel a lot. I’ve spoken about the giant perks of the ghd flight travel hairdryer before but the Wanderlust travel hairdryer adds a little something extra that I love. The something extra is the beautiful custom purple accents that speak to a mix of my love for the urban jungle but the desperate need to just go somewhere tropical and put my feet up. It has all the features you need with the added colour aesthetics that add a hint of exploration and exuberance.

A few things you need to know:

ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer
My other essential – the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. LOVE.

The ghd Wanderlust hair dryer come with a gorgeous little bag that you can use when traveling. There is also a 2 speed and temperature setting to control drying. It pushes out around 65 °C of air heat and only weighs 422g. The saving grace of this gadget is that it has universal voltage meaning it works anywhere in the world. This was a biggie for me while in Taiwan because I know a few other ladies who blew hotel plug points trying to get dryers to work.

ghd Wanderlust travel hairdryer
For a sneaky size comparison, this is the dryer next to my iPhone 6s

It is a limited edition dryer, however it is still available online for R1299. It is a travel dryer but if you don’t have more money to splurge it is a great purchase if you’re looking for a new hair dryer for home as well. It really is a great gadget, beautifully crafted and has a 2 year warranty. This baby will be in my luggage moving forward that is for sure.

Disclosure: I have reviewed the ghd products before, but this one I’m keeping. Yay! 

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