The social media app that doesn’t do anything

It’s been one of those weeks where work has been really busy. It was also probably the first time since varsity that my friend and I discussed having pre-drinks. So in light of this, I have found the funniest stuff on the internet so that we can all have a good laugh. The best has to be the social media app that doesn’t do anything.

Snoop Dogg narrates iguana vs snakes from Planet Earth and it’s as amazing as you’d expect

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5 funny AF tweets that are still cracking me up

These are still funny.



And the new Xbox name has been revealed……

Introducing the most powerful gaming console, the Xbox One X. And no that is not a typo.

ICYMI: Chani explains how the world’s most powerful console got the world’s dumbest name

Find a useless website

Because some websites you just need to know about. Also with some you just have to ask why? Take me to a useless site. 

useless web

One of my favourites has to be: Is my computer on and the answer is always yes. 

The NEW social media app that doesn’t do anything

And no that is not a clickbait title. Binky literally doesn’t do anything. If you want to share stuff, you can press a button but it doesn’t matter. Infinite scroll, liking and swiping left and right are all in there. And while it probably started as a joke, I think this could actually catch on.




 And the things you do in Binky don’t end up on a server somewhere for the world to see. It’s all the fun of social media with all the privacy you wish you had!

Currently only available on iOS but it should be coming to Android soon.

[Tweet “There’s a new social media network in town and it does absolutley nothing @heybinky”]

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